“Sorry” – BEYONCE Drops Stand Alone Video Off LEMONADE Digi-Short And CD

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Nothing spells sexy like a sexy woman-woman enough to share her vulnerabilities when it comes and slums down to her man when he’s been naughty.


You know, we’ve ridden this ride with Beyonce with + post Destiny’s Child (up to and including her hiding her badass behind an “alter ego”-Sasha Fierce)—as if she were afraid to come out of her shell.

We’ve turned pages of minimal (to no print) words telling us nothing about the singer-who often leaves her “woman of few words” social media signature left up to chance and charade, like a game of “Blue’s Clues.”

Here of late however, starting with her surprise album Beyonce, for what she has hidden from the public in print and elsewhere in the media, the powerhouse singer gradually revealed herself in ways her fans never knew was possible (given Beyonce’s beauty, badass (and brevity off stage).

While we all can “romance” romance, and when things are going well; only a handpicked heart-picked select few willing to hold our hands and listen to our hearts can get the exclusive invite to what’s going on it in and our minds—as did Beyonce the day she dropped Lemonade.

Given each song’s heartfelt, raw, and open lyrics, the album deserved no less than the short film narrative it was laced with while the dope poetry held and embraced it.

“Sorry,” a song about not being sorry for expressing and feeling regretful about not being sorry after second guessing fidelity-although the song flowed well in the April 23 HBO On Demand digi-short which re-aired 18, remains through 7/9),

…it can’t be denied that “Sorry” deserved the stand alone, standout Beyonce just blessed us all with on this June 22, day.


So without further adieu, unapologetically, tap in on Sorry, yall:


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