Should IDRIS ELBA Keep His Day Job Or Is Producing House Music His Side Hustle Strong Suit?

Good acting, a posh, English accent and distinguished good looks all wrapped up in a mature, virile frame can ambush and ward all the “You’ll never work in this town again!” pink slips a ways away from your worries.

That being the case, actor Idris Elba is good and safe in that department yet, he’s laying his skills and stepping the game up (in the event of).

Hey, one of my mom’s many idioms were [that] you can’t put all your eggs in one basket so, I get that.

Typically, ball players wanna be rappers, and rappers wanna be ballplayers. But who knew actors wanted to be DJ’s?

Well say hello to DJ Idris Elba who, is stepping his acting game up with the acoustics and making some hot house music! I’m impressed!


I’m unpredictable in that I just go with the flow of what I feel –uninhibitedly so, I loveeeee seeing different facets of people who go out on a limb and do the same.

According to Mixmag, this is how it happened:

The first offering from the Hiatus project is ‘Spectacle’, a track that Idris produced in his own studio over a long weekend and the result is a tribal stomper that features Elba’s instantly-recognisable snarl backed with fruity riffs and stabby percussion.

For a track of this magnitude, it seems right that the remixer is someone who knows their stuff and Pete Tong knows more than most in this game. The radio pioneer was shown the track when the two met in LA and he’s flipped the cut on its head, turning it into a 4/4 house roller.

So we’re going to add Idris to OSF’s Unsigned Celebs Doing Music and Random Jam Sessions categories (which you can click onto somewhere beneath this this blog and check out others as well).

At any rate, without further adieu, let me turn DJ Idris Elba over to you:

Tap in:


Scroll to the top of OSF’ big screen and watch Idris rock out live in Ibiza Rocks in summer ’13!


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