Baton Rouge Mom Jailed For ‘Momming’ After Sons Caught Burglarizing Home – Are Wires Crossed in Life Such That Our Roles On Land, Sea and Soul Are Out Of Whack?

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Ok so let me beat you to the punch on getting this lil guy’s meme setup for his next social media meme gone viral:

“You mean to tell me you can put on a blue suit and a gun and catch’em in the act and shoot them…but I can be the mom-catching them in the act-and whip their tails but go to jail?”

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Well that’s precisely what happened when a Baton Rouge Louisiana mom, Schaquana Evita Spears chastised her 3 son’s (age 10, 12, 13) after burglarizing someone else’s home.

If you follow me, you already know I’ve said it: something weird is happening with all right rights, righteousness and roles-it’s all seeming to go in reverse. Nobody knows their place, disillusioned about it, and unnatural things are becoming a thing.

Let’s see:
We got a gorilla taken from its habitat, reared, raised and put on display for 17 years only to be shot when a human child (‘childing’) wanders too close to and in its territory.

We got another innocent child (‘childing’)-having roamed too close to shore and landing in the jowls of an alligator, with a APB put out on the alligator to hunt it down and kill it for (‘alligatoring’)-and doing what alligators do by nature.

We got ourselves another fish out of water (a shark), dying after swimming too close to shore for a group of humans (‘animaling’) taking a selfie in the sand with the shark.


Moving on.
Let’s see.
We got ourselves a sea turtle dragged from the sea (‘sea turtling’) dragged by humans (‘animaling’) just so selfies can be taken with on top of the poor guy-leaving him with a dent in his head!

kids stand of Sea Turtles head

Creatures have been having it hard down on the earthly jungle of people having dominion over them, I tell ya!

So far, winged birds and other flying creatures are safe from us humans, as-we can’t fly yet—only to our great, grand (and grandiose) extents.
Whether on land, at sea (or the Internet), it’s clear our roles and thresholds are as crossed as many of our wires of reality, what’s real, and respect. | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette

Needless to say, while it is terrible that a mom was jailed on two counts of cruelty for juveniles (for ‘momming’), an angel was looking down upon us and spared 30 year-old Schaquna Evita Spears.

Bail was posted but Spears is still in shock and awe about it ever happening stating:



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