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victor-cruz-elaina-watley-kennedy2Although this doesn’t excuse [the violation?], the fact of the matter is: men collect numbers, reciprocate text, and sometimes kick it with/will even hook up with girls for as little as a reason as to pass time, or as greater a reason [as to] repair the damage of several slights and rejections he’s received along the day–slights and rejection to varying degrees from being rejected after taking a chance at stepping to a woman to introduce himself and getting turned down even down to an avert and turn away from his flirt and gaze.

A dirty little secret that ALL men know and go through, to keep his self esteem in tact (no matter HOW desired and loved he is at home, in a relationship or even married), men have to make up for the various slights and rejections along his day to day.

Please believe it. It’s a dirty little secret that is SO automatic…that men do it like blinking eyes: How many times can we count blinking our eyes in a day? We just DON’T. That’s how day to day flirting goes with a man. And sometimes, women bite the bait (even if he was just on a casual re-up moment of flirting for his own ego and self esteem). Believe it or not, often times, that girl’s number will end up in his pocket or cell phone and he REALLY meant nothing by his flirty smile, glare, or gaze (other than head talk to himself or at best: a head fantasy for his night (or morning) alone-nothing past that. Opposite that, you’ll really be surprised how many men we ended up being in full on relationships with where he merely thought we were “pretty.”

If a man is anything honest with you, he’ll tell you his unintentional flirting happens even more than the amount of women he’s ever stepped to with success and phone numbers secured.

As I mentioned in another blog, single men are BUSY—busy to varying degrees from flirting with the eyes to an actual date secured if but one time, one afternoon or evening. Men juggle women all day long as a part of a re-up from collecting where his male ego got rejected (more times than secured). It’s just apart of their maleness that they have to feed as, they are expected to be the pursuer and aggressor. Why do you think men are so quick to say: “Sh/t I want to be approached sometimes!” That’s because he’s TIRED of…. “blinking” all day.

That said, when you tally up the times a man is rejected from small to wider scales, (and like I explained in the other blog-about men’s ‘tier’ systems), although you don’t have to accept that this is how men ‘operate,’ you WILL understand how men can be so ‘serial’ with women. It’s just what they do.

Take NFL New York Giant’s wide receiver Victor Cruz for example whose fiancé (slash) mother of the mother of his three year-old daughter (slash) business manager (slash) girlfriend of ten years: Elaina Watley who, either got a hold of his cell phone or the access code to it and began (what my dad would call) “Snoop-Dogging” in his repertoire and collection—of “blinks” and did something crass with a little class: Sent a group text to

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