AZEALIA BANKS Admits To Skin Bleaching – Have You Done Anything To ‘Change The Skin You’re In?’


Azealias deleted ig


Just so you know…[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Azealia Banks wanted yous all to know that she still got herself a purple people eater—despite having just become all lightskinned and stuff[/clickandtweet].

Azealia Banks bleaching 2

Over the past few days, Banks has been the all the talk and social media rave; but given [what people read as being] her last homophobic tweet too many, her Twitter account got still suspended.

Since then however, she has been giving her Instagram account a workout while—whitening her dark skin.


In case you didn’t know, behind being an awesomely unique rap artist, Azealia’s back story gets more play than her talent because the rap Rapunzel is often caught up in some Twitter fight or rant about and with other artists.

Banks’ constant m-o is her fight against succumbing to industry perils in order to be, and to have.

One of the gripes atop her long list of literary lashouts is her belief that her dark skin holds her back. She feels she shares this concern with countless other black artists with the same hue however, credits herself for being brave enough to speak on it.

Fast forward.

Since her recent

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