Two Year-Old Boy Vacationing At Disney 2nd Florida Alligator Attack This Month

So sue me. My mom had a way with words and an idiom for every situation that, when I was a kid, seemed like a foreign language I just couldn’t understand:

“[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Effing with me is like running through a lions den with a pork chop suit on[/clickandtweet],” was one of them. I know now, that means: ‘[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Stay in your own territory before some things happen here[/clickandtweet].’

Such is life right now and if that’s not bad enough, with so much thrown our way, we’re all confused about our roles. And so it seems (more and more): Our roams.

Later gator for fearing lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.

Darwins Theory of evolutionLike that pork chop suit my mom was talking about, other sea creatures and Darwin Evolution theorized animals are becoming real-ized to our real eyes and with real a warning: ‘Stay in your lane and I’m going to stay in mine, ya heard?’

At the Cincinnati Zoo just last month, a 3 year-old little boy got himself caught in the Gorilla’s den whereby the monkey was put down as a safety precaution after it was caught on tape [that the] child could, in no escape the monkey who (at first) seemed to be pulling the child’s pants up for him to (next): pulling him around by his feet, violently.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]No one had time to match wits of animal instinct with human intuition to decide whether the pulling was that of the paternal papa playing kind or no[/clickandtweet], so with that being unclear, (as we reported) 17 year-old Harambe the Gorilla got laid down.

Here we are now, upon another unfortunate tragedy of the same, strange kind.

On Tuesday, a 2 year-old boy got himself caught in the clinches of the jaws of the 4 to 7 foot gator at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa last night while he played at the foot of the water of the Seven Seas Lagoon-out of sight of his father by whom he was accompanied.

Reportedly, an alligator swam up and grabbed the boy whose father tried to wrestle but only returned to shore with bites and cuts and bruises as the alligator swam off with the boy.



Surrounding Walt Disney resorts have closed their beaches while this search and rescue effort turned “closure” is gotten as, trappers have killed approximately 5 gators by which to dissect and pull remains they are hoping to be that of the two year old boy.


The Nebraska family which included


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