STEPH CURRY Acting Light-Skinned At Game 6: Throws Mouthguard in Stands Post Fouling Out + Ayesha Curry Locked Out & Fam Harrassed – Coincidence?

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]For fouling out and being ejected end-game, Steph Curry throws and tantrum and his mouthguard out into the stands at Thursday’s Game 6 against the Cavaliers[/clickandtweet].

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]It’s a fact…that love-hate thing when you’re on top[/clickandtweet]. Something Lauryn Hill sang best:

They’ll hail you then they’ll nail you, no matter who you are
They’ll make you now then take you down
And make you face it, if you slit the bag open
and put your pinky in it, then taste it

Well some unexpected person got a taste of not exactly something Curry slit, but spit.

You know, when you’re on top of your game you have no choice but to teeter at that top, pivotal point because for some odd reason, the same persons, places or things have this weird obsession with witnessing your greatness (and whatever got you there) to come crumbling down or falling apart.

Steph mouth guard

Well obviously Steph Curry is cracking under pressure in the paint as, during Game 6 of this excruciating intense NBA Finals game between his team (The Golden State Warriors) and rival team (LeBron James’) Cleveland Cavaliers, it was a fan in the stands who most probably got a taste—of Curry’s sputum after he spit venom.

Steph mouth guard2

With the Warriors trailing being 12 points to the Cavs’ 99, during last nights Game 6, Curry was ejected from the game for fouling out. He then proceeded to throw his mouth guard into the crowd…(reacting all lightskinned and stuff). 




The whole night was pretty intense for The Warriors, Curry and eve his wife as, even she was locked out and noted a few “coincidences” having happened up through this very moment whereby Ayesha Curry expressed the foul plays that had gone on off the court, too:

Welp. When the forces of opposition are rising against you, you got to stay calm, KNOW IT, and devise a plan of action v. emotion to and through. Because that’s the part that always gets you caught up and opposition’s plan.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]For the record, Game 6 ended with LeBron James having posted 41 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists-winning over the Warriors in a score of 115-101[/clickandtweet]. This game ties the two teams 3-3.

Game 7 will be on Father’s Day this coming Sunday.

Steph mouth guard3

Many think this was all one big publicity stunt and head game to get Curry’s head distracted from the game-a trap that, unfortunately, he played right into.

Do you think [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Game 6 was a masterplan to keep nothing but sweat inside his hand[/clickandtweet]?

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Music artists: Lauryn Hill and Erik B. & Rakim

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