Former DESTINY’s CHILD Member Rumored To Soon Drop Tell-All…Starring BEYONCE

Farrah Franklin with Desitnys childStand-in former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin who, if you remember was thrown into the group reminiscent of a daydream’s sitcom scene in your head where wigs went to flying and out from the audience-plucked-was some female thrown on a wig, put in on stage’s girl group’s line and simply told : “dance!…just move!”

That’s about how quick she entered and became a member of Destiny’s Child (and just as about quick her edges where snatched and out was she).

Although it seems Farrah Franklin was thrown in as a quick fix to be Destiny’s Child’s gap to fill their fallen bridge, and in order to avoid the group’s previous disbanding going from Farrah franklinthe four members to two members: Latavia and LaToya-who had left, and left Kelly and Beyonce (alone to duet).

Franklin, if you remember, stepped in and joined Beyonce and Kelly (about as long enough to rehearse, travel a bit and do one video-their hit: “Say My Name”).

Well according to a recent blind item reveal from Crazy Days and Nights hanging in the balance since its upost in Ma, the name said to be soon dropping a tell-all on Beyonce is Farrah Franklin who, ever since the group, hasn’t been heard from (aside from some drunken woes and having gotten caught up with beaus and legal throes)

This former member of an A+ list singing group who is really bitter at being fired is getting back at the A+ lister who was the leader. She is writing a book discussing not only the virginity claims of the singer but also talks about the multiple breast implant surgeries and nose job procedure and a bunch of other things that the A+ lister would not want discussed in public.

Original Destinys childNow this could get interesting as, all this disbanding, re-banding and re-grouping all happened in the early 2000s through around 2005. So all the rumors and reasons for Latavia and LaToya leaving Beyonce and Kelly (all who grew up together) + rumors that Farrah was thrown out because all she wanted to do was talk on the phone to her boyfriend (over work and getting that money) could get some momentum and circulation now because (back then) everybody had their own rendition and she-say, she-say e.g., rumors that members from the [now defunct] group Jagged Edge drew the wedge in the original Destiny’s Child by getting in LaToya and LaTavia’s ear about Matthew screwing the two of them over to place, and set Beyonce up—[to be as big as she is now].

Other rumors claim that wasn’t the truth and some other versions of the truth came out, along with other secrets surrounding Beyonce and her “virgin” rumors-claiming that Beyonce’s boyfriend’s from her humble beginnings in Texas [through to her being] “Beyonce” e.g., Marcus Houston through to Jay Z, were all told she was a virgin.

The industry mystery and whispers never got any leg as, there was no social media (like such) then.

kelly michelle beyonce

Fast forward.
Once Farrah exited (we all know that Michelle Williams entered), and Destiny’s Child as many of us had come to know ended up being: Michelle, Beyonce and Kelly who, once they disbanded (depending on who you ask) dropped dime “lite” in a line or two that many assumed was about Beyonce [in her song “Dirty Laundry”].

When God Says Yes singer Michelle has since gone on to gospel and been mum on what, if any dirty laundry there is to air but as per rumored, short time member Farrah Franklin says ‘yes’—there is.


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