JAMIE FOXX Seeks & Finds Reconciliation With Long Lost Biological Parents

download Jamie Foxx is known for being one of the funniest comedians that ever did it, and if the rumor is true that comedians (and all hilariously funny people) are funny/comedians because they are the ones with the deepest pain, Jamie Foxx is a testament to that adage: funny to the point where it’s easy for one to say: “Jamie, you must’ve been dropped on your head as a child.” Although hilariously funny, that’s certain not the case. Actually-Jamie was really dropped in a different kind of way: Dropped off to be cared for and raised by his own mother’s foster parents at the literally ripe young age of seven months old.

135379-original Unlike typical success stories where once the successor succeeds, acquaintances, family and old chums come out the woodwork either like they’ve been with you all the way, or as if all the time, you had their full love and support yet, you know nothing about that during you climb, and/or haven’t seen them since [hands as low as you can go]: yea-high, yea- wide-long-time-never ago.

But that’s not the case with Jamie Foxx, who, despite all his massive success, had a longing to still want to know the people who dropped him off: His biological mother and father (who again, all his life, were still living and breathing-dad living just 28 miles away).

126206-original  It’s never too late to reach out to the ones we love, the ones we loved (or in Jamie’s case): would like to know and whose love we have for them is automatic.

134102-original  Here we are, four whole decades later and Eric Marlon Bishop a.k.a Jamie Foxx, of “Django Unchained” has broken the chains of abandonment and feeling abandoned-much to no grudge, shame, chagrin (or fame). Foxx reached out to build bridges with his parents so much so that he’s even extended the olive branch of his family tree so far as to move his mother, Louise, into his home in an effort to start anew-the relationship with her that he never had.

About the physical anthropology and likenesses he’s discovering he shares with his mother since having moved her in, Foxx says: “We’re trying to learn about each other. The one thing I think is great is she’s in the same house, because you realize certain things that you missed when you were growing up, like, ‘Oh, I do that because of that,’ or, ‘Oh, I do this because of that.’ It’s profound.”

131466-original  Unfortunately, to no avail, attempts to reconcile with his father have been futile who (since having converted to the Nation of Islam) are a bit strained. Jamie remains as hopeful as he, and his doors are still welcome and open [for dad].

any-given-sunday-456fp091010 (1)  To that, Eric Marlon Bishop expressed: “Fingers crossed, it will become a real thing. But the door is open. That’s one thing I’ve learnt: always keep the door and your heart open. I don’t hold a lot of grudges, but it’s tough, you know? Because there are questions, like: ‘What happened? Where were you? Were you stricken with something? Could you not make it?’ Growing up, I would always go “Man … I’m a good dude. I wasn’t the kid getting in trouble. I was quarterback on the high school football team, and he only lived 28 miles away! So I always said to myself: “ya know… I’m gonna grade him a little harder for that, because he could have tried.”

Well, as Jamie’s resident “astrologer,” I’ll have you know that Sagittarius has Jupiter as a planet, and alongside Sag’s blindly optimistic way about things many tend to feel hopeless or pessimistic about, one thing Sag’s have (as astrology would have it) is the stroke of Jupiter’s LUCK on their side. And well…Good luck to Jamie. Sweet story-I got teary eyed.

Who knew! Who knew there was a story like this behind all that talent and funny?

How whole he must feel now. Wonderful.

I enjoyed reading about it and writing it up. Wish him well.


Source: Wonderwall

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