6 Natural Energy Boosters For A More Productive Day

productive dayEXERCISE-NO, READ ON:

Starting the day with a bit of exercise is overlooked but highly effective. If we could see the inner workings of our bodies and minds brains, we would be surprised at how different we would move—literally.

I try to remember that myself, and consider all the information I am being told it does the body or mind brain good-by imagining the “inner workings,” and moreover: the long-term effects and greater, later.

In short, exercise (and even stretching is ‘exercise’), because ti gets blood circulating, gets the heart pumping and therefore, circulating oxygenated blood throughout the bloodstream which “wakes the body up” and turns into energy.

Furthermore, exercise brings us clarity of thought (as oxygen travels to the brain) and too, releases endorphins to the brain that aid in keeping us happy/excited thus, further gives us energy.

Author: OSFMagWriter

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