Street, Rap Artist PLIES & Evangelist KIRK FRANKLIN Face Off



The long awaited face off finally happened between self-proclaimed “Sweet Pwussy Satday’s” own, rapper Plies (short for “supplies”) and “e-vang-son-gelist’ and religious leader Kirk Franklin.

Obviously, from the mere sounds of that paragraph alone, the two are from two totally separate ends of the world spectrum but in these digital streets, it didn’t take long for anyone from heathens to hip hop to notice the striking resemblance of the two artists [in their own rights].

Well, the two faced off finally and one challenged the other two visit each other’s world and the other would reciprocate.

“Plies”: hood-proud, hood “real” and outspoken-loud hails from the mean Florida streets and trapped with rap.

Franklin (where he’s from doesn’t necessarily matter) but he broke onto the secular music scene somewhere around 1991 and trapped it with his brand of religious rhythms set to secular beats and gospel music hasn’t been the same since.


Although he’s caught some flack from his religious peers, still, he claims to still be on the straight and narrow while singing and awaiting going up to yonder to be with the Lord, while Plies on the other end; remains content with girls swinging on poles and opening their worlds for dollars down here.

The rapper invited the religious leader to come share his world and the religious leader promised to merely drive by.

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