Love & Basketball: Does WNBA Players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson Give “Love” a Bad Name in the LGBT Community?


woman-a woman with the emotions of a woman. And like most women: Get caught up sometimes.

Sidenote: If you’re one of my NOVEL/book readers (outside of my being a blogger), then you know that within my books, I interject certain situations within my fiction stories involving real-life matters. So you probably are familiar with my series “Angie Situation” where, (I keep threatening to drop book 2 of 2-Naivete). In an excerpt of that particular (not yet released book), I dropped this excerpt called “FriendGirl”-about such type “Glory’s” as, my character had a situation with what I call the “Glory” types.

I mentioned all that (in my sidenote) so you’ll understand what I say from here going forward (about these “Glory Johnson” types where Brittney Griner is concerned):


So, the unfortunate part about the Brittney’s that get caught up with the “Glory Johnson types” is this: That rather than being of the LGBT community, they (the Glory Johnson’s) are typically what I refer to as (either):

1) Trendy dykes: Those girls that like to hang at clubs and post social media pics of themselves in compromising positions with other girls “for show.” Some will even go as far as to kiss a girl (or may go steps further than that)-but strictly for the sake of saying they did it and got pic proof showing that they did or will (for an audience only though).


…because typically if they step up from being “gay for show” they’re just testing the waters and taking being “gay for show” private or because it’s a phase they’re typically going through…again: for “show” nonetheless.

It’s not worth the emotional investment of the truly, proudly, unashamedly, unapologetic gay person should consider (without expecting to get hurt)…for the sake of someone “showing” that they really had it in them to “go there.”


2) Church chics: These chics are in church every Wednesday, and twice on Sunday. Every third word that comes out of their mouth is a repentance of thanks to God but there’s only ONEEEEEE problem: They’ve a dirty little secret: They like to make it with women typically-be “had” by the  Brittney’s (when God’s not watching).


They constantly battle with thoughts of condemnation of the church finding out about their “dirty little secret” and on that same Sunday and Wednesday she’s all wrapped up in the spirit, she will treat you like some demonic force of an entity that she swears has some kind of ungodly spell on her. Your good days with her will only be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday-Saturday.

The other thing with “The Church Girl” is that sometimes they feel the need to have a spiritual confession of sorts that too, can turn out to be disastrous for her membership/fellowship reputation.

Should that ever happen, this onus is on you-having “taken advantage” of her one time too “vulnerable” many.

Out of fear and the need to get back right with the church, the last thing you want to do is be amid some both-party consensual situation gone haywire such that you be dragged in court with a chic with the New Testament tucked under her arm next to her pastor while you’re left fighting some situation making you look like a pervert. No ma’am.(I know someone that that happened to-thank God Instagram hadn’t arisen)….that’s all I’ll say about that.

Under pressure, by the time she gets done “Anne Heche’ing” you (circa Ellen Degeneres: having shown up distraught and at some strangers door unable to think) I guarantee you you’ll look like the bad guy (or pervert having taken advantage of her). Not worth the trouble. Your arms are too short to box with God, clergy and his judge homey. They are both about the literal business of the U.S’ church and state and you stand no chance with that.


3) Betrosexuals: Bi-curious chics that fantasize about the act of getting down with a girl but no intention, or understanding, or interest in necessarily having a full-on relationship life partner (despite being open to it or and even as far as going on and having a relationship with one-the “life partner” part is that “I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it” part).


These are some of the trickest ones because there really are some of these types who fell into the relationship, did the right thing and the relationship blossomed perfectly (whether she wanted kids or not).

  • Then there’s the other type like this that can really hang in the relationship with a “truly, proudly, unashamedly, unapologetic gay person” but they know they want a “traditional” family and haven’t given the relationship serious enough consideration to know that she could still birth a child by other means with the “truly, proudly, unashamedly, unapologetic gay person.” For many of these types, that’s the “weird” and troublesome part that, that “heterosexual” side of them has a hard time grasping (and doing). The time invested in being with these types typically is lost because while you’re thinking you’re on the same wavelength in that regard, reality steps into to view (for her) and things go awry.

The unfortunate part about that is the conversation about such a situation is not usually had far enough/early into the relationship.

  • The other type of betrosexual is that one who’s summa-time bi: When she’s “through with guys” or feels she’s gone through enough with them that she “makes a decision” to switch teams because of. She’s a combination of all that I said in the above bullet point back through the initial “Betriosexuals” definition (and she’s trouble).

Let me explain to you how (not to mention the perils of the plight of the world/powers that be against the Brittney’s) but too, how those 3 types of girls, as well, are a problem (and how this Brittney Griner / Glory Johnson affects the LGBT community).

It’s simple.

The perils, and preconceived notions and prejudices of the world and even family, is a problem in and of itself for people of the LGBT community hence, why their camaraderie is so strong and persistent-because they feel: “we all we got.”

Considering the strong, unified front the seek [to be regarded as serious as heterosexual relationships are]; many of them are fed up with influential figures (like celebrities and other public figures who see themselves as brands) for being “closet” gay/lesbian. They secretly feel that if that very big part of the LGBT community (who are influential)—if they would step up (and out), the layers of scrutiny that they are already under + the walls built up against them can somehow be torn down. The LGBT can get less resistance and more respect and consideration for being a people who love and have families and function just like heterosexuals do.

…Which brings me back to this Griner-Johnson situation.

You see, when a public figure can be “out” and stand in who they are, the LGBT community feels proud. And not that Griner and Johnson are, or should be made the heavy for the circus act the LGBT fights so hard not to be looked upon as, but the fact of the matter is: It is a blemish (considering they are public figures).

Why? Because (we all know-gay or not) heavy issues and fights are very prevalent in this day and time with gay marriage, and all other equal rights as heterosexual couples—gay couples are fighting with the world trying and to be taken as serious as man and woman.

So yes, to some degree yes, a large part of the gay community is cringing right now about this situation but it’s not the end of the world.

In considering Glory Johnson’s admission that she is not gay/Brittney was her first lesbian experience/she simply felt Brittney was “different” and thought she’d give it a whirl, it’s also important to remember that Glory Johnson (not Brittney) just so happened to be was one of those 3 types of girls.

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