Love & Basketball: Does WNBA Players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson Give “Love” a Bad Name in the LGBT Community?

off to some doctors office and got the procedure done–and a short time later, Brittney found out or suspected Glory was actually preggers with some non-anonymous dude’s kid [rather than an anonymous sperm donor]’s child? Because that could indeed change the whole game and have both their lives on lock.


Did somebody get in Brittney’s ear and tell her she’d better run as fast as she can to get the annulment before whomever this man is gets all the glory: Striking it well-to-do off she and Glory once somebody gets into the ear of this guy (who Glory obviously copulated with somewhere at sometime in this-and if she didn’t, Brittney can’t be to sure since she didn’t actually go see a specialist with Glory to impregnate her).

Whether the details and mystery behind Brittney’s claims the marriage was a fraud and she was threatened all the way to the alter, there is one fact that did come out of this thing: Glory was not a lesbian. She was simply attracted to Brittney and basically thought Brittney was “different”-so she gave this thing a whirl.



Therein lies the problem with many in the LGBT community of women about other women (who aren’t lesbian, bi-curious or conveniently bisexual and lesbian by circumstance).


People in the LGBT community have it hard-fighting the powers of the world that be :


The powers that be are religious-mongers, the heterosexual world, and often times: their own families.

(See…read her caption…And I promise you I wrote + posted this blog the afternoon/evening of 6.7.15. On 6.8.15 I finally went by her IG page and low and behold, I bumped into this):


The LGBT community formed its own community as a safe-haven of acceptance for people who are LGBT because more often than not, the outside world (and their own families) ostracize and demonize them because they do not understand the LGBT plight. And without understanding (often times); will quickly apply religion, and God as its weapons to cut at what they do not wish to understand but still-fight with.

It goes deeper than that but the problem with the Glory Johnson’s however, is the fact that the Brittney Griner’s (no matter how tall, deep a voiced, or masculine/androgynous she may look), the fact of the matter is: She’s still a


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