Notables & Fellow Athletes Congratulate SERENA WILLIAMS On Her 3rd French Open Win – What’s The Irony ?


There’s a strange irony of today’s date that’s kind of full-circle.

I sat at my desk earlier and looked down at the date 6-6 and asked myself: “What was I doing 6-6 of ’06 I wonder. Oooh I’m spooked.”




For all intents and purpose[s] in life as a writer being fulfilled; once upon a time I kept a literal, hand-written diary for years into adulthood-there was a time when I could go and turn right to the page and find out.

After being delighted for, and then sorting through some footage of today’s French Open of Serena Williams’ big win, low and behold (something I didn’t notice): Her winning score was 666 on this 6-6 date!



Considering her performance, it would never seem as though the tennis champion’s opponent last week was named “nasty stomach flu”-nearly defeating the:

  • 20 Grand Slams
  • 6-time Australian Open
  • 5-time Wimbledon
  • 6-time US Open



Now, she can add:

  • 3-time French Open/Roland Garros winner (to her already impressive repertoire)!



“It seems a little bit like a dream. Like, is this really my life? Is this really happening right now? So yeah, it’s really kind of weird,” said the career underdog and tennis force.



The record books have it that she’s coming for Steffi Graf’s record of having the most majors in the Open Era (at 22 years-old). Williams, 33, is coming for it by all means earned.

As a five-time Wimbledon champion and three-time defending champion of the U.S open (for which she’s won six), the world’s No. 1 tennis pro stands a chance of matching the German 2015.




In spirit of the French Open in the beautiful city of Paris where she hailed this 6-6 day, should “Aneres” (the French-sounding name the nail-tech, designer, and interior designer calls and herself) win all four majors in a season (something no one did since Graf in ’88); from the looks (and wins) of things, “Aneres” is coming for it.

Check out other notables and global athletes wishing Serena well!


Serenas Congrats from greats



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