DRAKE Caught On Tape In Heated Altercation Dropping Money & Charging

Mystery solved.

Just yesterday, rapper Drake dropped 3 singles (unplanned), but stated when he got word that a hacker got a hold of the songs, before they could do anything with them, he decided to beat ‘em to the punch and drop all three singles himself.


Well, beating to the punch didn’t stop there, as, video of Drake made its rounds ‘round the Internet showing the rapper vehemently upset and going after somebody about to be in receipt of some Scorpio venom via a savage beat down by the rapper who just celebrated his birthday a couple days ago.

I know. I know.

I know the visual of pretty-boy Prince came to mind–in the scene in Purple Rain where when pulling up on his mom outside the house having been beat by his dad, he hops off the motorcycle then bursts into the house screaming for his dad: “Where are you!! Where are you motherf^(ker!” (as if he was going to really lay some hands merely built for plucking guitar strings, playing piano keys, and gripping mics on his dad, played by Clarence Williams).prince purple rain where are u

downloadWell although Drake’s hands too, grip many-a-mics, silicone a$$es, and hold stacks of ones to pay for that ‘luxury,’ on the video taken place at a DC strip club, something must’ve happened in the direction where we couldn’t actually see.




But what we did see, was Drake appearing to be headed one direction but was negatively provoked or challenged to come lay those hands on someone in that other direction.

Angrily, he rose to the challenge and threw stacks of monies to the ground, then proceeded to charge into the venue to throw ‘dem bows.

Well, we don’t know what happened from there (on the inside of the club), but as dramatic as it sounds, it was obvious the rapper (often mistaken as ‘soft’) was not trying to be held back.

You see.


There are two kinds of “tough guy” stances people take when in the heat of a moment:

  • They go charging with the force of running into a rubber band (really hoping to be held back–they don’t want none) *twists lips*


  • They go charging with the force of a bull in a china shop-seeing red-making their way to their target while breaking any and everything in their way on the way to it [their object/target–they are ready to get DOWN].

xz6mni5pefew4jjpfnruThat was Ms. Drake honnnney.

snaps fingers

takes my shirt off and swings it like a helicopter

Somebody was about to get hurt last night.

No lie.

Check it out for yourself:



drake-chateau-4All jokes aside though, for the record, a day later and a dollar stacked; it surfaced that Drake reacted upon hearing former Young Money label mate, rapper Tyga[‘s crew] attempted to jump Drake’s friend and DJ: Future the Prince. As a result, Drake (pushing past Tyga’s security) ran back into the venue.

Over the past couple of weeks, rapper Tyga has vented on social media and as well, did a pretty revealing interview with Vibe magazine where he put it in print, his disdain for Drake (referring to him as “fake”), and as well, spoke of other (former) label mate: Nicki Minaj (who since, unfollowed him), and the label’s owner: Lil’ Wayne in ways that were not too flattering or the public’s business.

Since then, Drake has sent shots back (via the Internet). And as well, his OVO crew has taken some shots at Tyga (via the Internet).




ovo to tyga disses















Well in spirit of the persons on Tyga’s crew who either did, or was about to get dropped by Drake last night, go on and have a listen at those 3 drops Drake released + other recent ones:




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