JON & KATE PLUS 8 Reunited And It Feels So Hood


Although her successful attempt to emasculate the poor man ( + strip him of anything to leave him feeling anything other than), was successfully sold separately upon booting him; our friends over at TerMiteZ report that the Gosselins of Jon and Kate + 8 held a yard sale in Pennsylvania where since checks have come out for VH1 Couples Therapy, Jon did show up to see if perhaps he could buy his manhood back.

Although that item wasn’t on the table, there were a few pair of jeans for sale-swinging about-as well as some other perishables and non-valuables.

1026-jon-gosselin-kate-gosselin-garage-sale-sub-inf-4Man of the house, Kate, was captured by cameras-caught in the act-tight faced, and with that oh so familiar disgruntled disposition; snatching up one of the twins for [what looks like] getting too close to what’s left of the dad that was emasculated and publicly embarrassed.

After carefully scanning of the scare tables of items-and no can of “Emasculation Reversal” in sight, g1026-jon-gosselin-kate-gosselin-garage-sale-inf-4uess the VHS tape he’s holding will have to do. Because  that’s all she’s got of, and for him. Have at it pimpin.’

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