Model CARA DELEVINGNE To ‘BeyDrop’ A Surprise Single Produced by PHARRELL?

If it’s one thing that intrigues me, it’s learning something about someone that I never knew about them, or entertained the thought of being so.

If you follow me, you know that of the many things I love, I love drummers, fantasize about drumming, and watching drummers in action excites me. It’s wildddd to see drummers and bass players go hammmmmm. I adore, and am awed by people who can play instruments. I just am. They’re a spirit bringing an experience via an object. It’s just fascinating to me.

otwy8l2bpafom0g4o5taWell, rumor has it that music phenom Pharrell is working with British model Cara Delevingne on a new single and it’s supposed to be “Beydrop”: Drop without warning, without marketing, or any advertising whatsoever-complete with a video and global launch.

cara-pharell-headerIt may sound crazy that someone as wild and crazy as Delevingne who models will be dropping a single co-written and produced by Pharrell, but I’ll have you know that Delevingne has been drumming all her life and can actually get down!

Last year, she made her public music debut at Selfridges for a Charlotte Tilbury event where she can be seen rocking-thee-hell-out on drums! Who knew that she was a drummer / could drum:


Here’s a clip of her back-up singing for

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