{First Things First: I’m The Realist} IGGY AZALEA Claps Back At A NICKI MINAJ Fan


Real, imagined, or simply perpetuated, whether or not there is shade or rivalry between rappers Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea; the fans see to it that the two girls will never be friends.

IGGY AND NICKIFor a while now (the past six years, perhaps-ever since Nicki Minaj first hit the scene), she hasn’t had any “competition” –not because she’s been hot, poppin’ and going full-steam ahead since the beginning, but all the female rappers were standing back; letting her do her thing and get her shine on. And too (like I mentioned in a write-up about contending with the Nicki Minaj persona), it’s been a tough feat because she, undoubtedly, has been one tough act to follow.

…That is until Iggy Azalea made her way up the charts, and performed on the same awards show stages etc., as Nicki.

Despite Nicki Minaj having pressed “pause” on the human/life sized ‘Barbie’ persona and opting for a more relatable style, that still didn’t mean pressing “pause” on her legions of Barbz was going to be an option.

Considering the fact that Iggy and Nicki happen to be the only female rappers in the spotlight these days, Nicki’s Barbz make sure they give Iggy Azalea a hard way to go but Iggy’s not taking the swipes lying down.


Some zealous Barb took it upon themselves to pay Azalea a visit to her social media account and drop off a an Internet meme that read:

unnamed“Iggy may have a #1 single, but this bottle of perfume sold more than her whole album.”

Iggy struck back (this time) and replied: “I must be doing something right again cause all you trolls are back on my nu%@Ck. Hahahahaaaa.”

No word yet, if, or ever Iggy will respond to the bit of criticism by Busta Rhymes’ first lady rapper Rah Digga who spoke out about Azalea not being a good representation of hip-hop, stating:

“It’s just not real to me. Teach me Australian hip-hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re Gangsta Boo. She’s a beautiful girl. You know. Capitalize off of the super modeling thing. But we’re not gonna believe you if you’re out here trying to convince us that you’re just trap shooting, street. I can’t.”

As well, Digga dug in on Azalea’s debut album: The New Classic

“Personally, I don’t consider her hip-hop. I listened to her album. Everything on there is everything but that.”

It’s like in life (or in social media): It’s always easy to shoot the target with/or that’s getting the most shine. That’s how the attempt to shatter (or break) the glass is done…

Rah Digga was my girl but…I’d be curious to hear her stance men in on hip-hop. Because while there is some good “hip-hop” out here, the culture/genre is running rampant with (what I refer to as Hip-PoP)…which is [most of what] Iggy Azalea (AND NICKI MINAJ) are BOTH doing (right now–despite Nicki’s ability to flip back to Hip-HOP mode). And well, there’s nothing wrong with that, either way.


What is “Hip-POP versus “Hip-HOP” (You ask)?

I’ll tell you:

Hip HOP is the ability to tell a story in words-on wax-complete with a hook (optional). BUT the ratio of the storytelling hopping off versus the hook (poppin’ off) is what differentiates what “HIP POP” is from “Hip HOP.”

Hip HOP is a matter of having storytelling on wax down to a visual science + experience that you deliver to the heart, and mind of the listener. 

Hip POP is a matter of delivering to the head, fingers, and feet: an experience that make all three-pop.

All in all-it’s all: “RAP”-nonetheless.

It’s the nature of the business of rap: AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER (if they want “success”) ..even the truest Hip-Hop artist is doing, or will do “Hip Pop” (even if for one “radio-friendly” song on an entire Hip-Hop album)… there’s nothing wrong with that, either.


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