Is WIZ KHALIFA Washing AMBER ROSE Out of His Hair?


PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Wiz Khalifa ecstatic on daddy duty after splitDespite his marital woes with Amber Rose, as we reported yesterday, rapper Wiz Khalifa was all smiles when out with his baby boy on Sunday, and was still smiling through Monday morning.


…and Tuesday:

It’s up to you, whether or not you feel the need the sing Prince’s “She’s Always in My Hair,” or chant the jingle “I’m Gonna Wash That Grey Right Out of my Hair,” when looking at the drastic transformation rapper Wiz Khalifa has undergone (since breaking up Amber Rose), as being symbolic of his current situation.

The fact of the matter is—he did.

The rapper took to his social media account yesterday and, along with his colorist, posted his step by step before and after process to what he will now be wearing:


Spiritually speaking-of all colors, ‘purple’ is supposed to be symbolic of magic, WIZardry, mystery, sub-conscious mind, creativity, dignity and…(just ask the Prince): Royalty.

…and well, we love the smiling Wiz in the purple hair, too!

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