Score: KATY PERRY To Touch Down Super Bowl 2015 During Half Time


RihannaSuper Bowl 2015 is near and lots of rumors have been going around about just what acts would be playing at the half-time show. It had been said that CBS/the NFL had their sights set on Coldplay, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Eminem but since we reported that,

Scandal boardroom[Not that she cares, but] Rihanna most probably got ex’d out like a subject of interest disinterest on the light boards at the offices of Olivia Pope and Associates [due to her “fu(k you” comment to network giant as a result of their pulling her song “Run This Town” from the festivities for sensitivity reasons and Rihanna having been a victim of domestic abuse as well. Because of the Ray Rice elevator scandal occurring at the time, it was rumored that CBS didn’t want flack from viewers making the correlation Ray Rice’s actions and Rihanna have once being reported as the victim of domestic abuse.


RIHANNA GIF_ OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEWe’re sure Rihanna will be cheering her old chum Katy Perry along however, because as reported today, Katy is in the starting lineup slated to perform during the half-time show at Super Bowl 2015.

I know we reported that (as a result of Beyonce and Bruno Mars’ successful tours, popularity, and income increasing even more right after their half-time shows) the NFL proposed that going forward, whomever they selected to perform for the show would be asked to make a financial contribution to the league in exchange for how (afterwards) they would be sure to blow after their half-time show. As you know, Super Bowl is a yearly monumental television event in which even its commercial space is prime real-estate.

download (4)Well Katy may be the kind of girl that will ask a quarterback (like Trevor Knight) to call her (like she did during ESPN’s College Game Day), but don’t run with that-she knows her worth.

For the record, Katy also said:




[but] “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl”

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