{For the Record} MONICA LEWINSKY ‘S Choice Words and Language Arts Lesson for BEYONCE, Her Gown & Her Partition


download (1)  Well rather than somebody else’s husband, at least we all know that when Beyonce sang about getting “Monica Lewinski’d” [all on her gown] in her smash hit “Partition”—we can safely assume that her own husband was the inspiration behind the lyrics.

Although it’s been well over sixteen years since the world of politics and pop culture was inundated with the real-life presidential scandal of our then beloved former President Bill Clinton having been under fire, world scorn, and eventual impeachment [for having had relations with then 22 year-old intern]; Monica Lewinsky has now has written a book. In this book, she recently decided to come unzipped and try and chin-check singer Beyonce.

(In case you didn’t know, those “relations” of some kind turned out to be the fact that Monica Lewinsky performed a sexual act in which evidence was left on the blue dress she wore + kept as a souvenir of sorts. Obviously she was so excited by it, that she couldn’t keep it to herself. Reminiscent of the V. Stivano-type of incident that happened last week where Clippers owner Donald Sterling was being secretly recorded, Lewinsky was secretly recorded by U.S civil servant Linda Tripp, and the rest was history-literally).

Fast forward.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Lewinsky (now) makes mention her not appreciating being referred to as a verb (rather than the noun she is-despite the action that took place within those Oval Office walls that certainly got it poppin’ on turning her into a household name).

download  Monica decided to give Queen Bey a little language arts lesson (seeing as though the action that took place made her the receiver-and so sixteen years later, she feels the need to Mavis Beacon beloved Beyonce): “Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not Monica Lewinsky’d!”

Beyonce_  Well Monica, Bill Clinton’d or no, you (Monica Lewinsky) owned + wore the notorious blue dress that did indeed get “Bill Clinton’d” so either way, same difference.

YOU…Got “Bill Clinton’d.”

See now? beyonce-glasses





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