White Actor JOSEPH FIENNES Plays MICHAEL JACKSON In Upcoming Movie – Necessary Or No?

The ‘bright’ side to this all is that this gives the lyrics from an old Kanye West song a whole new meaning: “…had a light-skinned friend looked like Michael Jackson and a dark-skinned friend looked like Michael Jackson.”

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Michael readingSomewhere over the years throughout Michael’s growth, his Virgo, vertigo or vitiligo, now that the man is no longer here to make the executive decision to speak for himself; somehow, Hollywood thought it best to make about the only connection-resemblance to Michael in this new movie is in a name: “Joseph.”Joseph-Fiennes-joseph-fiennes-8643261-266-400

Well close enough, as, ‘Joseph’ is Michael Jackson’s father’s name and too; Michael’s middle name but that’s about the closest thing to Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson we’re gonna get!


Although many a strips in L.A are, and always have been riddled with Michael Jackson look-a-likes, unfortunately somebody missed their shot at greatness for Joseph Fiennes.

12645253_572308462924392_7943338095543901903_nCall it punishment for the shockwaves sent throughout all Harry Potter fans last month when author J.K Rowling announced that South African (African) actress Noma Dumezweni would be playing Hermione but either way, like it or not, Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love actor Joseph Fiennes is playing the King of Pop in a movie called Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon” (no-not Marlon-Michael’s brother-but his friend Marlon Brando from his Rock My World video).



Although, nowadays, it would be expected any “Michael Jackson movie” would follow the biopic trend running rampant, pump your brakes as, this too, shall rock your world:

Coming in at a racially sensitive time where

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