The Godfather & Barney Miller’s ABE VIGODA Dead At 94 + HBO Airing 7 Hrs Of Godfather Remastered Unedits – Did You Know?


Generations before ours remember and love him from “Barney Miller” and its spinoff: “Fish.”



Other’s love and remember him from The Godfather:



Abe Vigoda, 94, was loved and considered a Hollywood legend and American sitcom staple and “monument” of sorts.

Since the 80s (after having not shown up for Barney Miller’s wrap party), the Brooklyn native and beloved actor was the subject of a few hoaxes of his passing. He did however, this time, pass peacefully in his sleep while at his daughter (Carol Vigoda Fuchs)’s home in Woodland Park, New Jersey.

Fuchs stated that the fact her father was never sick made all the hoaxes even more funny-then.

Alive and still kicking despite the hoaxes, Vigoda’s most recent role was in 1998 playing notable mobster Paul Castellano in the television movie “Witness to the Mob.” (Scroll to the top of the OSF big screen to see “Witness to the Mob” in its entirety. Here are the previews):


Interestingly (and quietly-possibly because of hot button current issues being guns and violence), remastered, commercial-free versions of The Godfather I & II (renamed The Godfather Epic),



are airing on HBO this month and being shown for a straight 7 hours of (uninterrupted and unedited-complete with violent scenes).



The Godfather Epic aired on HBO Now on January 23 and will again on On Demand January 28.


Abe Vigodda will be missed.



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