“K” : Developing A ‘Way’ To Get A Reply – How and Why Your Emails Are Getting Ignored and What You Can Do About It

It’s a fact, email is as essential part of the day for some people as is contextual conversations are to you on your cell phone or mobile device.

Equal to the ‘K’ annoyance in text communication is “Okay, got it!” in email correspondence.

email-telephoneWhile ‘K’ can easily be forgotten, “Okay I got,” can be easily mean that getting your answers to end the open-ended response can easily get your question or inquiry forgotten, too.

Experts say that the reason for that may be the way and word choice in which you are sending your email.

It goes back to what I say about familiarity breeding contempt.

What we are familiar with can often time become so habitual that it loses its novelty which too, takes effort to give it our undivided attention (or at worst: hold contempt for it, or a person in our minds and thoughts).

While in day to day life, we are overused to seeing words in the subject line like (“ASAP”) or priority flags like “Urgent!,” it’s best to state your case in the subject line with as much brevity as the intensity of the deep breaths and eye rolls through your bangs.

Instead of using priority flags and buzz words like such, experts say that if (in the ‘subject’ line) you use words like “Shall we schedule a short phone call or meeting?” or “Please reply by 3p”…you are more apt to grab the attention of whom it concerns.

Reason being: When someone is aware they haven’t taken the time to stop and reply to emails and have only replied confirming they got it, [“Okay, got it”], chances are, they don’t want to be bothered with a phone call and definitely wouldn’t want to commit to a meeting [to answer something that could be handled via email].

As well, putting a deadline (in the subject line) for the receiver to reply by, calls out attention to them that lets them know you are waiting—and probably won’t past that time.

So as you see, it’s all in how we do some things. Where there’s the will, there is a way.

Author: OSFMagWriter

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