Responding To JESSE WILLIAMS’ BET AWARDS Speech Makes 2nd Time JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Got Dragged + Know Exactly What The Culture Demands (If It’s Going To Be Appropriated)


Life imitated art this past Sunday as it took all but 4 minutes for “timberrrrrrrrr” to be yelled and things [to] fall down in Justin Timberlake’s face when (via Tweet) he responded to a speech given at the BET Awards in which Grey’s Anatomy’s bi racial, racially ambiguous hunk Jesse Williams stayed true to the one drop rule: spoke his truth and made it evident and clear that he was indeed black—and pro about it.

Williams was awarded the BET Humanitarian award where, instead of soaking up the moment selfishly for himself, he took the moment to use the air time to shed some light on crucial issues consistently blowing in the wind regarding social and legal injustices pressed upon the black community, all the while (creatively), the culture is constantly being cherry blackberry picked and praised literally lifted in areas of the arts yet, ignored down to a science when legal and social injustices arise within the black community.

We are gonna have equal rights in our country or we are gonna restructure their function in ours.-Jesse Williams



It was just last month that Timberlake’s 4 Minutes To Self Destruct Save The World duet partner Madonna was dissed after having given her solo, personal rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain via a tribute at the 2016 Billboard Awards which, given the backlash, may have been better off served in spoken word like she did Michael Jackson’s tribute just 7 years prior.

The moment Madonna exited the Billboard stage, BET was prepared with a teaser for the upcoming June 26, 2016 BET Awards show noting: “We saw that. We got you 6.26.16,”



…to which Madonna later replied: “Anyone who wants to do a tribute to Prince is welcome to. Whatever your age Gender or skin Color. If you loved him and he inspired you then show it!!!! I love Prince 4 ever

Fast forward.

In a strange twist of fate, Madonna’s 4 Minutes To Self Destruct duet partner Justin Timberlake took to Twitter to co-sign Williams’ speech which, ironically Williams was speaking about cultural appropriation–whereby Timberlake tweeted: “#inspired”  and “we are all the same” not knowing that it came across as if he was so blinded by white privilege that he was eyes wide shut to what was going down right in front of his face.

(This isn’t the first time Timberlake got caught up into some sh/t like this. Somewhere in this, he and Madonna are kismet. Ironically, he got dragged for trying to use the ‘N’ word during a happy birthday tweet to her back in 2014)

Jesse Williams Justin

Needless to say, the pop star’s tweet sent screeching record scratch sound bites to the ears of many which ultimately landed him in a Twitter spat and his mentions dragged to hell and back.

Given the humanitarian nature his birthplacement’s sun in Aquarius awards and records Aquarius’ as being, it’s understandable that Justin related to such a moving speech from a guy getting a humanitarian award.


Unfortunately however, the Cry Me A River singer’s response to it didn’t go over too well-considering the fact that he didn’t quite comprehend Williams’ speech which, given his tweets x the speech; pretty much validated everything regarding cultural appropriation and culture vulturing Jessie had just spoken about. And just like that, in the mind and eyes of many, via Twitter,


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