UZO ADUBA Takes Old High School Prom Date Down Red Carpet Of SAG AWARDS – Would You Reach Back Into Your Past And Do That?


Do you remember you prom? Do you remember who you went with? Do you still talk to him/her?

I certainly remember mine. I had two, and remember both guys (and no, I wasn’t a senior. I was 15 my first prom and 17 my other-at another school as someone’s date, which I’ll dig up and post too, soon, I guess).

angie prom

I think it was Oprah who said it best that, red carpets for celebs are (for people who aren’t celebs) their prom night.

Considering your prom (and who you went with), if you’re still in contact with him/her, and you became rich and/or famous and part of your new you and new gig was walking Hollywood’s red carpets; would you invite you same prom date from yesteryear?

Well OITNB (Orange is the New Black) actress Uzo Aduba this weekend’s SAG awards and brought along her high school prom date: Mark Crowley. No, Mark’s not famous but has been friends with Uzo since kindergarten!


In high school Mark asked Uzo to the prom.

Fast forward.

A hot television show, awards and red carpets later, Uzo returned the sentiment.

To top it off, Uzo won Outstanding Performance by a Female  Actor in a Comedy Series while her friend and former prom date was right there to witness it.

It’s not always necessary/ to cut all ties from your past as, some people are just genuine, good people during your humble beginnings all the way to and through your climb. They’re more than your “true-blue”, they are your ‘true and through-blue’s.’  Those people deserve to share your success and moments in any way you can share

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