TYGA’s Cheating Secret Exposed: Transgender Actress Claims Being Sidechick Since He Was With BLAC CHYNA …And KYLIE Too

Mia Isabella’s July 2014 Sway in the Morning interview

Things certainly went up on a Tuesday–and wont stop.

It seemed like everything about everybody was freakier than a can of earthworms.

Starting with rapper Tyga who got caught out there and totally about to give an old tweet of Kylie’s a second life:


Transgender actress named Mia Isabella turned sticks states evidence to somebody…who “sent an email” to another transgender blogger who, in turn, droppedFotoFlexer_Photo the pics, texts and all Tyga’s other private parts.

Isabella claims to have had an ongoing relationship with Tyga for 3 years and moved to L.A to be closer to her man and says she’s been down with him even since he was with his baby’s mom (slash) stripper Chyna.

I know right? Freakier than a can of earthworms-this situation is.

It’s just all over the place.

At any rate.

Additionally, there is a possible sex tape seeping through the cracks from when she was roommates with a model named Capri (who, at one time was linked to actor Charlie Sheen).

Reportedly, Tyga and Mia allegedly came up with a ready made plan that should what they were doing make it to the public, they would link her career as a fashion stylist and consultant to his brand as a rapper.

As well, their relationship was no secret in her circle and reportedly, has even seen Mia just a couple weeks ago. Mia is rumored to also have been courted by a fighter named Jean Pascal whom she had no interest in over Tyga with whom she’s remained the “side chick” even since his

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