With The Truth Having Been Brought To Light, Supermodel BEVERLY JOHNSON Has No Plans To Sue BILL COSBY— Find Out Why

Beverly Johnson was one of the lucky ones that you can call “the one that got away.”download (2)

She was one of the ones who can remember what was going on the moment the drug administered by Cosby took effect on her mind and body but she fought. She fought to the point of being manhandled and dragged by Cosby, thrown into a cab and off to safety.

She remembered that horrifying night.

Do you remember the write up we did on supermodel Beverly Johnson (regarding her coming forward earlier this year as one of the many women who had been drugged by Cosby?)

Well she spoke with ABC’s Linsey Davis regarding the stunning admission in Cosby’s 2005 deposition that came out today and interestingly, she told Linsey she’s not pursing legal action against him.

From the sounds of things, she feels vindicated that this came to light just about as much as she felt inspired to step out of the dark and forward to tell her story behind the mounting number of women who took brave steps to come forward as well.

“The truth always comes to light,” she said.
“The truth…you can’t hide it. I don’t revel in someone’s misery. I have the most empathy for the victims. Perhaps, maybe, we should all now start the healing process.”

Sometimes all people need is the truth.
As a victim of any sort of crime or wrongdoing, just to know that you are the victim, the truth keeps getting buried and the person who did the victimizing keeps eluding the truth; the pain of sitting in that private hell can be twice the pain and suffering as a victim. I know this to be fact and from experience…

When the truth comes out, so goes those ominous, dark, clouds from over your head and life. And for some people, like Beverly Johnson, that’s obviously all she wanted…[was]: the truth.

Although I’m sure we will never hear from his mouth, recollections or an admission of things he did to those many women and Beverly Johnson, today was a little better than the years of a whole lot of nothing.

Tap in below to see Johnson’s interview:

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