Who’s That Thinking ‘Nasty’ Thoughts? Pop & Politics and How TRUMP The Pussy Grabber Had To Back That Thang Up After Calling HILLARY ‘Nasty’

tumblr_mq1udl1vxc1qbzkquo3_250Somewhere deep in the throes of what Donald Trump loathes right now (the media) is an archive of Trump loathing Janet Jackson’s mishap at the 2004 Superbowl.

As pop culture would have it, Trump deemed it as ‘disgraceful’ and a few other choice words he used to describe the now, historical incident.

This time around however, the tables have turned and the media is eating Donald up these days—for his disgraceful behavior (and rhetoric).



Last night, while he expressed himself by referring to his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton as a “nasty” woman, it seems as though he managed to dig up the ‘Nasty’ girl herself: Janet Jackson.

Apparently, while the media is hanging on to every word Trump says, Ann Telnaes-The Washington Post’s cartoonist-took over where the just last week, The New Yorker left off: Donald having been mocked by as (Mr. Congeniality).

What’s good bad for the goose apparently is good for the gander.

This week he is now being mocked by the Washington Post as a ‘nasty’ man himself, despite his trying to label Hillary as such. trump-miss-congeniality-new-yorker


Well off course with a popular song having serenaded the world on just what ‘Nasty’ was, his referring to Hillary as “nasty woman” somehow backfired.

This, only after a couple of weeks of his becoming known for “grabbing women by the pussy” and all—despite the nasty sense in which he meant it (vicious); thinking he could get away with calling any person ‘nasty’ by any stretch of the word is not going to work out to well for him.

Sort of like the guy in the first 30 seconds of the video (reaching for Janet’s pussy, too) we will never let him live down his propensity for ‘grabbing pussy.’ We heard it all, straight from the horse hair’s mouth horse’s mouth.

Unfortunately, Trump‘s reputation proceeded him and fit quite well with lyrics of what it actually means to be “nasty”—long before he could hang it on Hillary.

Alas! According to the LATimes, Trump has walked himself right into

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