GLORIA ALLRED To Defend Victim Of TRUMP Breast Grope 27 Years Ago

Gloria Allred wears her name well: When the red lights are flashing, all praise and glory is handed over to Gloria Allred to make things all-better.

I guess it’s safe to say [and even she would probably cop to] the fact that in all her ambulance-chasing glory, Gloria Allred gives the green light and resuscitation to the lives of those with cases like only she has that certain something to touch.

Such is life right now in the case of Karena Virginia, a yoga instructor and inspirational teacher at London Hotel in Manhattan-which neighbors Trump Towers. Virginia is added to the list of women mounting up-with startling, claims of being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.

It seems like from the moment he was caught on tape gossiping his groping gallantry and talent for “grabbing them by the pussy,” like a weenie in the bottle, genie in the bottle, the moment he

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