“THE TALK” ‘s SHERYL UNDERWOOD Spit Fire & Grill: Had a Few Choice Words for MADONNA About Lil’ DAVID’s——-Grill


…I’m assuming this post was in response to Sunday, January 26th’s Grammy Awards where Madonna article-2561717-1b97bd5500000578-807_634x634 (1) was joined on the red carpet with her adopted son David. The sharp-dressed woman sported a diamond grill in her mouth that was the talk of the town, all of radio, and sent the Internet abuzz.

We wrote about that night and too, we just posted the story about her son David finally getting his own mouth grill (as promised by momma Madge-who stood with David the golden child and bragged to images (92) Ryan Seacrest he would soon be getting his grill, too).

Well since then, Madonna made good on that promise and via her Instagram-posted a pic of David with his new mouth grill on.

The Internet took it and ran with it about as fast as David was on his pony-going on about his way smiling, and riding high on his (real, live) ponies in the stable [and his new grills].

images (93)images (94) The bling didn’t seem to impress one talk show co-host from “The Talk” images (91) (with Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler, Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne). In particular, Sheryl Underwood spit fire from her own [grill] and as promised on the show Wednesday (February 19), she brought out the grill she spoke of (as above posted)—a (literal) grill owned by the only person she (Sheryl Underwood) cared to talk about having a “grill”: George Foreman’s “Grill” (Grill with a capital G).

Ok, she was a bit literal but the lashing she gave Madonna was less that figurative.

Unfortunately, I was so enthralled into the contents of her gripe that I didn’t even record it.

So, I will paraphrase and summarize it-to explain:

download (52)  Instead of putting the boy out there in some mouth grills, why not put him out there in a suit/suited up and doing something constructive or something that is more representative of him wanting something constructive, righteous and real out of life [other than putting a little black boy on national television with the stereotypical prop in his mouth that’s usually associated with black culture/boys/men, gang violence, rappers and other occupations or things that one would engage in, in which wearing a grill is accepted.

No, that isn’t exactly what she said (her words) that, again, is my paraphrase (slash) summary of it (slash)…in the bracket: what she was saying…in essence/other words.

Having been reared in a neighborhood, lived/lived around an experience, and having been around a background where typically, boys of color [who are stereotyped as being “trouble” or up to no good] wear grills-mouth grills.

And although I understood her upset, gripe and passion, I don’t feel she did her homework (on Madonna and how she rears all her children) enough to feel that her lashing was as valid as she felt it was.

Let me explain something.

If some regular white woman living a modest life adopted some poor black BOY and paraded him around (in their world-her civilian life) with grills in his mouth-that to me, is offensive-and obviously the same sentiment shared by Sheryl Underwood—[despite the fact this white woman/adopted mother was superstar: Madonna].

But the fact of the matter is; Madonna is not living a regular civilian life having adopted a poor black boy and living on a budget. And although she’s not, no, that doesn’t mean she’s excused from presenting and positioning [that little black boy] for more constructive things and higher aspirations (to the public). However, David (in all his grill’s bling and glory-being the son of a Madonna Louise Ciccone,” got a bigger head start in life than the average poor adopted black boy walking around town with grills in his mouth and from a side of life opposite Madonna’s “David.”   

medicaltraineesfrommalawicollegeofmedicine I’ve followed her for years online and have watched each and every move she makes with all those kids of hers (biological and adopted). And having observed that, I can safely say that moreover and more importantly than the FACT that David will NEVER be poor, Madonna is hell-bent on raising all her kids with responsibility and to be cultured and aware.

   thisishowwestartarevolution_needisaymore (And don’t get it twisted. I am NOT easily sold on celebrity “charity” to lace resumes and layer images. I know that game. So trust me. If you EVER catch me promoting celebrity charity, I’ve done my homework—for a long time on it. I only care about celebrity missions-not “charities” per se. If not an ongoing mission, I only care and take notice of celebrity charities that I stumble upon, if they were spontaneous, or I found out about it-not what was publicized to me. I ignore those-purposely. Always know that about me. I’m not that easily sold (or gullible) about stuff like that. It’s too serious for me to be gung-ho and impressed about for the sake of a public “image”).

madonna_and_sean Madonna’s missions are her ONGOING INTENTIONS-therefore, they’re real to me.

At any rate.

th-58  1441344_10152085848084402_1266690781_n In all her [obviously haven’t aged past 21 year-old immaturity and boldness at times], Madonna passionately and actively instills in them (for real, not just publicity) the  necessity in giving a care about life other than being rich, privileged, spoiled, uncaring, and having no understanding the world outside of Hollywood life and living.

That’s DESPITE the fact that AS WELL: She Instagrammed a pic of her own biological son on New Years [2014] with friends holding alcohol bottles.

As well, she Instagrammed a pic of that very same son of hers getting caught with a beer bottle in his room (that she obviously found).

So, in that regard (and considering that and all those things), I’m no more offended about David in some grills on national television than I am of her posting pics of her very own thirteen year-old child in questionable situations that too, can, (and did) send tongues wagging and fingers a-pointing.

Unlike the average adopted black boy raised by the average white mother on a budget, David, her biological kids, and all her other adopted black kids (being adopted by superstar Madonna, whose intent and positive child rearing is well-documented, REAL and verifiable); are all presented, positioned, and raised to have a good head start ABOUT life:    

  • article-2561717-1b97427a00000578-54_634x630 (1) despite a pic of an eight year old in a mouth grill
  • rocco-room-beer-bottle1 despite a pic of a bottle of beer found in her very own thirteen year old’s room
  • 128545-original1 despite a pic of her very own biological thirteen year old son holding a bottle of alcohol
  • rocco_cigar_facebook  despite a pic of her very own thirteen year-old biological son with a cigar in his mouth

So whatever becomes of her [once poor, and now privileged/adopted son’s David’s life], or whatever becomes of her very own son Rocco’s life; it will ultimately be up to them (like any other child).

images (96) But considering how she is rearing and raising them all, no grill, or bottles of beer can change the FACT that however either of them turn out; they all started out with:

  • a chance at life
  • a privileged life
  • a mother who tried to show them more responsibly and cares about life and the world

At the end of the day, and in each of their lives as they grow older-is ultimately up to THEM. Because all their head start was given, despite all and anything else.

    Always do your homework on people and situations before you toss blanket judgment.

He’s 8 years old and will never be poor and thug life’d out by circumstance or because of not having a chance at life.

So what if he (or she-his mama) want’s to mimic a fad, or  “act out” from their little Hollywood life-being a thug (or is Sheryl saying only “thugs” wear grills?) 

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…so, regardless, not everything is just “BLACK & WHITE…”

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