Are You a Sucker for a Movie About Love, Angst, Infidelity, Agony, Romance, Tragedy, & Death?

I’m just getting settled in and back at. But in the meantime (and like my subtitle atop says “F.Y Entertainment”), I have something F.Y.E

In piggy backing off my other blog from earlier about Sharon Stone (I’m a fan in case you haven’t figured it out), but moreover, I am BIG fan-yes, of “Casino” like y’all are-BUT, I’m an even BIGGER fan of this next movie I’m going to put [you lovers of angst, agony, infidelity, love, death and romance] on to.

Check this out.

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…then you’ve probably read me talking about a movie that, although it wasn’t a new movie; it was one of my favorites. Although the storyline involved infidelity-it was to the extent that one man loved two women in a way that he constantly spent time throughout the movie in agony and RE-falling in love with each of the two women at different moments alone with them yet, had a hard time letting one or the other go.

The movie is appropriately titled: “Intersection” because ironically-a literal intersection ended up being the deciding factor (if you will) and as well, “intersection” was like a metaphor for the entire dynamics of the relationships and these moments between the guy (played by Richard Gere) and the two women (played by Lolita Davidovich and Sharon Stone).

Well, if I sold you enough on the movie to make it a redbox night-hey, have at it-leave this post. Either way, read on…because I found a couple GOOD clips on the movie.

Ok so.

The irony of the metaphor and dynamic towards the end of the movie was that, he FINALLY made the decision to stay with his wife (Sharon Stone) and (if my memory serves me correct) I think while he was out of town-in Ontario-he wrote a love letter to her (in the middle of one these “love highs” he would be on)—telling her that he had finally made the decision to leave the other girl and be with her (exclusively).

So, no sooner that he dropped the letter in the box, he goes to get in the car and then he saw this little curly haired red-head girl (toddler age) that looked just like the other girl (Lolita Davidovich’s character).

So he went on this “love high” again, pulled over and called her to tell her about this little girl he had just seen, and how she was so perfect and reminded him of their future daughter and began telling her how he was going to finally be with her (and leave his wife)…yadyadaydayadya. (Now keep in mind-all this was said on her voice mail-because she wasn’t home).

This is a clip of that part (ignore the fact that the sound is muted—you don’t even need it. I just explained to you what he was saying over the phone into her voice recording machine. Just pay attention to his body language and euphoria):

Ok so…after that—something else happened…

I won’t explain what it is, I’ll just show it to you (it was in slow motion like this too):

…ohhh how tragic huh?

Well, what happens is, the one girl (the girlfriend/Lolita Davidovich) gets the voice message and the wife gets the letter. But now……………….. he’s in a coma about to die!!!!!!!!!!!

At any rate…

Go order to movie or check out some other clips here:

This movie is soooooooooo good.

I’ve never seen anything like it-the concept, the angst, and how crazy it was that although he was a cheater, you couldn’t be mad at him. The goings on throughout the movie and each relationships dynamic…you are forced to feel empathy and understanding for BOTH SIDES.

His dad (played by the older guy from the movie: B.A.P.S with HalleBerry–I forget his name) he is sooo tired of him with it. But like..the way he (Richard Gere) even flip flops back and forth between BOTH women…it doesn’t make you mad (like any other movie with a cheating man typically would), it almost makes you sad.

Because it was literally…and EQUALLY (for different reason) loved BOTH women. They both made him whole! And for him to be with one or the other, he would only be a half man. It was like: ONE woman was the left side of a heart, and the OTHER woman was the right side of a heart. And he was just a vessel-the crack in the middle.

This movie was amazingly emotional.

I will always love it.

(I’m extremely fascinated by relationship and relationship dynamics and stuff so…it just works me over-bigtime!)

Do you get what the irony is? ( probably don’t until I tell you this):

He ends up dying.

But the IRONY is, of all the times he flip-flopped, BOTH women KNEW that THIS one THEEEEEEEEEEE ONEEEEEEEE time that he was serious about being with them exclusively. And if my memory served me correct, it ends with both of them being left to grieve knowing that he was going to be hers….(and hers)…forever.

But now he’s dead, yo.




…Have fun


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