The Devil is a Lie? STEVE HARVEY Cleared of Child Abuse, Ex-Wife Jailed, Wanted Her to Sign a Letter by Design to Clear His Image….I Mean…His “Name”

1387638560_steve-harvey-g Talk how host, comedian, and radio personality Steve Harvey has been cleared of child abuse charges stemming from a war of words, life, limb, and property style-divorce scandal that has been ongoing since 2008 where his ex-wife (Mary Lee Shackleford, with whom he was married from 1996-2005) claimed that Harvey abused their [now 16 year old] son, Wynton-alleging that Harvery hit their son with a belt and a paddle.

aa3e111f  The back story in a nutshell about all this hit the public when somewhere around 2011, via YOU TUBE,  Shackleford took the details of she and Harvey’s divorce and (as per her) the underlying sinister reasons why he so suddenly divorced her-to the Internet. And to add insult to injury; (without any rhyme, reason, explanation) rendered her homeless by quickly throwing her out of their home where he moved his (now new wife: Marjorie Bridges), in. 

In an effort to make sure she did not get one dime of his money, Shackleford claimed that he also took their minor child, Wynton, and turned him against her. Shackleford also claimed that in addition to his infidelities with Majorie, she was also in possession of explicit details and letters from a mistress by the name of Terry. While uncovering all this, she also learned that (during her marriage to him) Harvey also had a tuck-away apartment-in New York-that she also never knew about.

Steve Harvey_mary harveyIn addition to all this, Harvey (who initiated the divorce) did not show up for the divorce proceedings but lied under oath stating she was not instrumental in assisting him build his empire (which began during the years they were in married bliss).


Steve+Harvey+Ex+Wife+Mary+on+CNN+HLN+Jane+Velez+Mitchell2  As a result of Shackleford’s public claims (that she felt was her only defense and recourse), Harvey turned around and sued her for defamation-believing that her public crusade was the reason behind him not getting his own show on OWN’s (Oprah Winfrey Network)’s television network and station.

mary-harvey-smiles  The full details (outside and alongside what Shackleford mentions in the You Tube video) as well as what the public does not know, have been sealed and Shackleford was under a gag order to no longer speak about anything having to do with the divorce, their son, or Harvey.

MARYBEHINDBARS <-(click here for video)

This past Thursday (December 19, 2013) Shackelford was thrown in jail for a 30-day stay for contempt of court and spoke from her jail cell.

In their own brand of a ceasing; Harvey’s lawyer meticulously designed a letter for Mary to sign which insists that she sort of admits she made up the allegations that Harvey abused their son with a belt and paddle. The letter designed for Mary to speak for Mary, in and effort to exonerate Harvey “I realize that you sought the sealing of the record as a measure to protect our son from a lot of unnecessary anxiety from his peers and others and to protect us as a unit from a media frenzy. / I have to deal with that [the lie] and answer to God for my behavior,” the letter said. “I know that you love our son and would do anything legal to protect him. You are a loving father.”

essence 3 050310  Steve Harvey is currently married to his third wife, Marjorie Bridges.

He and his first ex-wife, Marcia Harvey, are parents to twin daughters Brandy and Charlie, 31, and son Steve Jr., 22.

steve-harvey  Mary Shackelford, Harvey’s second wife (and subject of this write-up), shares one son, Wynton, 16 with Harvey-author of a self-help book for women: “Act Like a Lady Think Like A Man” (which still managed to do well and have a movie based off it with the same name-despite all the public information Shackleford managed to get out about the back-image and goings on in the life of the self-proclaimed God-fearing positive motivator).

Sure, I have a book coming out called: Feel Like a Lady, Deal Like a Man, and although I can honestly say that I haven’t read from one page of Harvey’s book, and I would never like he-(married three times) proclaim to tell any woman “how to get a ring;” but I can (and do-in my book) surely give women the FLAT OUT hardcore truth and details about how to stay out of situations like one you’re reading about (while keeping their man/men wrapped around their fingers and all that comes with having done that) while avoiding messes like such. 

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