BARBARA WALTERS Not So “Fascinated” w/the KIMYE Experience. Gives…DIS[honorable] Honorable Mention

We all know about Barbara Walters’ yearly “Most Fascination People” in which (under nice soft television lighting almost reminiscent of the feel of a candlelit room) she interviews celebrities that she chose and felt were simply: “fascinating.”

Well, what we didn’t know was that Barbara Walters (a Libra) has a method to her have-ness by balancing her (Libra) scales (we guess) when deciding whether to have you as a guest (or not). Because as it turns out, although she may find you about as fascinating as being famous for simply being famous extends; you won’t be getting an invitation to actually sit under her soft lights and comfy chair to talk to her about your fascinating-ness- at all (if she doesn’t take you all that serious).

n-BARB-large570 However, (before the show begins) she just may give you a dishonorable-honorable mention while interjecting all your contradictions (even if she doesn’t allow you to pull up a chair underneath the softly lit lights in front of the camera for interview action)—just like she did with what we will refer to as [“The Kimye Experience”].

In narrating her version of The Kimye Experience, she gives both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West a little bit of lights, camera, and action (before her show begins) by trying to dissect why (and at what point) did Kim, herself, become fascinated with Kanye.

(…and I quote):

Was it when he insulted Taylor Swift?”

Was it when he insulted George Bush?”

Or was it when he threw that first punch at the paparazzi?”


Regardless, how, why, or whenever Kim fell in love with Kanye; Walters clearly stated she remembers two distinct contradictions about The Kimye Experience:

Her 2005 interview where she asked Kanye about the possibility of ever getting married and he clearly interjected “I’m not like—into dating celebrities” and too, on day 47 (of Kim’s 72 day marriage) where she asked her how was married life, and Kim replied: “married life is good” (as if all was really well).

Well we at Other Side of the Fame not only have this policy (for our near future blog contributors): “Say what you want, but spell their name right,” and as well, we do what we can to not read between the lines (and especially not put any words in anyone’s mouth) but sometimes you just can’t help [but read between the lines] ya know?

So in prefacing what I am to say (by saying that), we feel it is safe to say that while Barbara Walters feels we all may be fascinated by The Kimye Experience, she’s just not that into them (at this point and time—for her “Most Fascinating People” list and show). But before we started writing, calling, tweeting and sending horses and chariots after her (for the snub), she wanted to put the word out to the world “why” before the APB was put out on her.

*Kanye shrug*

You be the judge (here’s the audio/video), have at it.

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