Sure to Enlighten You: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY Trailer Debuts and Woos



SFifty Shades of Grey _ Other Side of the Fametanding in one corner awaiting the countless bio pics, levitating demon joints, and big-screen quick fixes to show themselves then roll down the credits to oblivion; the movie that’s promised to be the biggest in 2015 rolled out its trailer today—giving its own rendition of a fix + much left to be anticipated (and desired).

We may not have been able to keep Fifty Shades of Grey on library shelves long enough to check out, but the trailer for the book was something we all checked out today and is sure to do away with the notion “the book is always better than the movie.”




Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Fifty Shade of Grey OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME



The book, written by E. L James, whose movie starring Jamie Dornan (as the character “Christian Grey”) and Dakota Johnson (as the character “Anastasia”) is set for a release date of February 13, 2015—and according to the steamy trailer, is sure to set Valentine’s Day 2015 a new high and run cupid slim.

As your resident popular culture aficionado and musicology enthusiast, Prince’s song “Anastasia” would almost be befitting for the soundtrack of the movie [considering the assumption/rumors that the song itself was inspired by a story about a slave named Anastasia who wouldn’t give in to her master’s sexual advances and as punishment, he would chain her up and muzzle her mouth and let her loose only if she gave in].

Well, although we haven’t the full list of songs on the hot movie’s soundtrack as yet, we did just get this in for sure: Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” will be included–a new version befitting the movie-with a steamy, sexy, Goth-like delivery and score that too, certainly does fit quite well with the trailer [and what we know + expect from the movie thus far].

Don’t mind me, check it out for yourself:


Fifty Shades of Grey _ GIf_ USMagazine Other Side of the Fame2Fifty Shades of Grey _ GIf_ USMagazine Other Side of the Fame3
Fifty Shades of Grey _ GIf_ USMagazine Other Side of the Fame 3 Blind Fold

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