BIG SEAN Dissed Naya Rivera’s Wedded Bliss? “I Dodged a Bullet By Not Marrying Her”



Reportedly, because of her “controlling ways,” while Big Sean may have kissed Naya Rivera off (four months ago) and here it is (four months later), she got married to her surprise boyfriend [who the world + her friends learned was her boyfriend-turned-husband all in a day]; for the record, Big Sean is wishing her off, too.

That’s right.

According to our sources, it’s being reported that Big Sean “could care less,” reportedly-(as quoted by the source who is close friends of the rapper):

Ryan Dorset Naya Rivera Big SeanSean says he totally dodged a bullet when he dumped Naya. He’s happy to be free of her, so, he is not losing any sleep over her marrying this other dude.”






Of course you know, as we reported, the “other dude” is actor Ryan Dorsey who married Rivera on July 19, 2014 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (on the same date that she and Big Sean were to get married that ironically, is Ryan Dorsey’s birthday).





The source added: Naya Rivera Kim Kardashian look2If she thinks she’s hurting him somehow by doing this she’s wrong. She’s just making him think she’s even crazier than he already thought she was.”





Naya Rivera and Big SeanThis thing may very well have worked out for the best (for the both of them) and who knows, the feeling may be mutual. Mutual in that her paint-by-numbers idea of her molding herself into a Kim Kardashian and pursuing a known Kanye look-a-like rapper to fit into her “Kimye” ideal may very well be proof that she may have been “crazy” but also, crazy about the “idea” of Big Sean and the relationship with him-rather than simply: Him.

So perhaps she’s losing no sleep either, ya’ think?

Naya Rivera black hair













Meanwhile, our friends over at Hollywood Life reported that although it’s been just six days since Rivera’s become Mrs. Dorsey, she’s already changed her Instagram and Twitter names to “Naya Dorsey” before the ink could dry on the marriage certificate.

Anywho, in a statement given to our friends over at People magazine, the happy couple expressed: “Naya Rivera and Ryan DorseyWe feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife. Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for.”








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