Someone Went Digging in the Sand on BETHENNY’s New Man: Denies Rape Accusations

Let’s join hands…bow our heads, close our eyes and sing the song:

Bethenny-Frankel-Celebrated-The-New-Year-With-A-New-Man  All we are sayin’…is give love a chance.

Bikini Clad Bethenny Frankel Ring in The New Year With Shirtless, Hunky Mystery Man  Jusssssst when we at Other Side of the Fame broke the story to you  about Bethenny on the beach boo’d up in a bikini with a buff bare-chested hunk, and asked that you ring in the New Year sharing the sand, bliss, and the obvious good time that our girl-talk show host, Bethenny was having; somebody went digging in an attempt to bury the chance in the sand.

Bikini Clad Bethenny Frankel Ring in The New Year With Shirtless, Hunky Mystery Man Turns out, somebody brought sand to the beach–by reporting that her buff beau, Michael Cerussi, 34, was accused of rape in the past.

According to reports that surfaced, he filed a lawsuit against a woman in 2001 who claimed he raped her while in college at UnionCollege in New York. As a result of the claim, the school expelled him. Cerussi, in turn, sued the woman and the college for defamation of character-insisting that what the girl alleged was false therefore, the school had no right to expel him. 

Michael stated: “The claims were made to the school-which were false and unfounded and ultimately withdrawn.”

According to our sources, the victim never filed a police report and as well, no charges were ever filed.

bethenny25f-2-web No word from Bethenny and what, if anything, she has to say about it.

Eye spied at TMZ

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