The BEYONCE Eye-fect: Her Graceful Diss at a Remark Made By KELLY ROWLAND in Vintage DESTINY’S CHILD Footage

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I’m going to rock with Beyonce and let her have that response [she gave for the NASA incident that I wrote about-about the reasoning behind her excuse for using the first six seconds of the after-the-tragedy footage for a snippet for her new song called: “XO”].

beyonce-roc-sign-for-jay-z  BEYONCE’S TARGET DEBACLE:

On her clap-back at Target (for the rescind on their decision to stock her latest CD and her quietly demonstrative way she “showed them a thing or two”)—that was CLASSIC! Nobody could have done it better! It was hilarious, I had to blog it.


Now…considering how over the years, Beyonce has been one of the more reclusive celebs-almost to a regal and royal “advantage.”

But with all glammed up self-elected peasantry at an all time high where a full-on occupation and “career” could be made from it at the click of a button (talent for singing not needed); that “mysterious,” “reclusive,” and “regal and royal” sh!t had to take a back seat on this ride.

Step your game up and meet it somewhere in the middle if you don’t wanna roll to the bottom…

That “regal and royal advantage” almost became a disadvantage as the Internet starting providing ways for the girl next door to set up shop and live an Internet life such that she was “Beyonce II” (or: too)—and as well, when Instagram [obviously came with instructions for its use that must’ve read something like]: “Send your best thirsting-ly embarrassing comments and self-degradation to display.”  That leveled the playing field of an industry-leaving superstarlets like the Beyonce’s regal and royal advantage to suddenly turn disadvantage because now, honeys’ll do for free and for mere attention: what, (at one time) for the females of the industry (pre-Internet); was a great marketing and shock value tool that (back then) would most certainly guarantee increase in popularity and income.  So they all had to step their game up.

sasha_fierce_glove_   BUT BEYONCE WAS SMART (and futuristic I might add).

beyonce-sasha-fierce   She had “Sasha Fierce” on lock-wayyyy back then. And she hid behind “Sasha Fierce” to give us a peek at the Beyonce, “Yonce,” and “Queen Bey,” that she gave us begin date: Two, Zero, One, Three (2013). Having said all that, I’m cool with this new Beyonce because it was always there-hiding behind Sasha Fierce (wayyy before Instagram gave birth to Sasha’s chil’ren and wanna’bes).

Destinys-Child originals (1) HUMBLE BEGINNINGS ARE ALWAYS HUMBLE AND SWEET…………..even at that 2:30 mark :

beyonce-shade-kelly-rowland-600x450 …But when it comes to this next video circulating around the Internet (of early Destiny’s Child footage of Kelly proclaiming her “position” in the group); the body language + composure that was kept by LaTavia and LaToya, and Beyonce’s composure (or lack thereof), clearly shows Beyonce’s got some s’plainin’ to do y’all.

The ONLY explanation I will accept about this video (other than belaboring the obvious) is…..*holds hand together like prayer and holy head nod*……..silence.


*in my BEST Brit accent*

I say:



Queen Bee?


What say you? Inquiring minds want to know!

(Sorry-I can’t stop laughing).

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Eye Spied at Idolator via Carl Williott


More Beyonce Shade? LoL.

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