Slain “Dear Mama” Rapper (TUPAC)’s Mom AFENI SHAKUR Dies Just Before Mother’s Day

Afeni Shakur
Just before Mother’s Day-five days away, Dear Mama slain rap artist (Tupac Shakur)’s mother Afeni Shakur died in her Sausalito, California home. She was 69.

Tupac Brendas Got a BabyAside from daily goals, future goals, and goals on a continuum; my daily/main goal in this life is two things: see to it and oversee that my special son’s health, happiness and spirit is kept well and high and secondly, (so as to not be here without me) to out live him-regardless how crazy that sounds to many as, mother’s aren’t supposed to out-live their kids.


Unfortunately, that happened with Afeni Shakur and although her son was special in a different way (to the world) and as well-to her; she outlived her famous son by default, demise: all damning due to his being gunned down on Flamingo Road just as he was in his prime, feeling good about life and preparing to peacock.

Afeni Shakur in the 60sThe Is There A Heaven For A G  rapper’s mom is about to receive her wings as she joins her son up there thuggin’ it out and running his mouth like only Tupac could do.

Reportedly, On May 2, 2016, Marin County deputies were dispatched to Afeni Shakur’s home Monday night-responding to a report stating she had suffered “[a] possible cardiac” arrest, was taken to a local hospital where she died just before 10:30 p.m.
Afeni PantherBorn in January 1947 Alice Faye Williams, Afeni Shakur was an advocate, philanthropist, poet, political activist and former Black Panther who changed her name [to Afeni Shakur] when she moved to New York and joined the Black Panther movement.

It was there, she was charged with conspiracy to bomb multiple landmarks and [as a result of the accusations] was jailed while in her ninth month of pregnancy with Tupac who was born June 16-just one month after she was acquitted on all charges in May (1971).

Although her son had been gone for twenty years now, since he’s been gone, Afeni Shakur lived to oversee attention being called to the Black Panther Party and what it stood for (thanks to Beyonce’s Super Bowl 2016 half-time show costume controversy) followed by PBS’ Black Panther Party documentary this past February.


As well, Afeni got

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