Eighteen Years Later We Now Know What TUPAC’s Last Words Were

tupac  Somebody over at LVPD is having gangster rap flashbacks of an L.A cop’s worst nightmare that once was a group called N.W.A–or perhaps Ice Cube’s rap classic [after having made his great escape from the group] having continued his reign of terror on bad cops everywhere in his classic Ammerikkk’s Most Wanted.

Amerikkka’s Most Wanted begins with an interlude where Cube is being escorted from his cell into the chamber for execution and while there [before the pull of the switch]; 111118063737-tupac-shakur-mysterious-death-story-top he’s asked if he had any last words [before death]. Cube goes on to say: “Yeah…Yeah I got some last words: ‘Fuck all yall!’”

Well…According to former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Chris Carroll, slain rapper Tupac Shakur allegedly said those very words to him while slipping into unconsciousness after being shot while in a car on qc4f436f93  Flamingo Road in Las Vegas that fateful  September 8, 1996 day that the rap climate was changed forever.

Tupac_Gif2  Here we are, some eighteen years later in a world of social media, frivolous news, and chases of fame run-amuk; Carroll all of a sudden decides to give us Tupac’s last words—most probably straight from a condition called “Sudden Onslaught of Gangster Rap Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Brought On By A Sudden Need To Feel Famous.”

During a recent interview—let me be clear…recent like…this week in 2014, Carroll claims that he pulled Tupac from the passenger seat of the car where he sat that had been riddle with bullets during a driveby.

pac-car-dough  The former officer claims that he asked the rapper: “Who Shot ‘Ya?” but Tupac refused to snitch (even while slipping out of consciousness) but instead, replied: “Fu(k You.”


tupac_2 Yawn…


At any rate.

If you know rap, or gangster rap, love Ice Cube , and have the classic and critically acclaimed Amerikkka’s Most Wanted in your archives, I know you can’t STAND hearing the interlude without getting yourself ready to get it crunk for the song that comes after words [about the 1:04 mark of the next YouTube posting].

Other Side of the Fame’s got you.

Sit back and enjoy the whole classic Ice Cube gangster rap experience…then go BUY it already.





The deets on the N.W.A split by the way.

Another Cube classic .  One of THEE most emotionally charged gangster rap songs you can’t help but feel. This is ART. One of my FAVES! Enjoy:

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