Skeptical Runner Up SUZETTE CHARLES Doubts Sincerity and Necessity of Miss America Pageant’s Apology to VANESSA WILLIAMS a Whole 32 Years Later

Suzette Charles, 1984. (Photo by Tribune/Getty Images)
Suzette Charles, 1984. (Photo by Tribune/Getty Images)

Have you seen this woman?

Well let me introduce you. Her name is Suzette Charles and once upon a time, she was Miss America—for three months.

You see what-had-happened was…she was runner up Miss America: promised to take over the crown in the unfortunate and unforeseen event that the winning Miss America (then-Vanessa Williams) could not fulfill her duties [as Miss America].suzette-and-vanessa-crown

Due to Vanessa Williams’ nude photo scandal, Suzette Charles fulfilled those duties for three months (July through September 1984).

Suzette Vanessa

Well Suzette Charles recently spoke out [not quite against the public apology given to her predecessor Vanessa Williams] but about the odd timing of such an apology being given to her an entire 32 years later. Charles speculates that

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