SANDRA BLAND Death Investigation Expected to Wrap Up “Within The Next Few Days” and Findings To Be Turned Over To Grand Jury “Probably Mid To Late October”

ETA: “Within the next few days.”

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That’s what a state official said regarding the investigation on Sandra Bland is expected to be complete on what started out as a routine traffic stop on a Friday (and because of the inability to post $500 bail) landed the 28 year-old woman a stay over the weekend whereby that next Monday morning; she was found hanged in her jail cell from an reported suicide—now being investigated to determine if that indeed was the cause of death.


According to Assistant Attorney General Seth Byron Dennis, the findings of the Texas Rangers’ investigation would be turned over to Waller County district attorney and submitted to a grand jury [quote] probably mid to late October [end quote] to determine what, if any criminal charges will be filed.


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