Having Once Jacked Up The NATIONAL ANTHEM, We Knew ROSEANNE BARR Wasn’t Sh|t – Now Backs DONALD TRUMP


Than damned Roseanne Barr’s don’ gone and lowered it, for real.


Life certain doesn’t imitate art I tell ya.

What a traitor.

…And we all where-then, sitting in front of the television: young, empathetic and inspired, we all hung in there with her in all her blue-collar glory, that funky Triscuit tweed couch, and her ‘family love despite having less-than’ story, and Roseanne Barr goes and turns on the democracy of America by endorsing Donald Trump just as sure as she spit on the grass post-country anthem.

national anthem roseanne barr endorses trump

Well aint that nothing!

We should’ve known she wasn’t sh/t that July 25, 1990 day when she boldly took to the mic and jacked up our country’s National Anthem like she did:


Roseanne told

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