TUPAC Once Said BOB DOLE Was “Too Old To Understand The Way The Game’s Told” – Yep, Says He Want GEORGE WASHINGTON As President


Tupac said it best: “…Mr. Bob Dole, you’re too old to understand the way the game’s told. You’re lame, so, I gotta hit you with a hot track…”

Welp, I gotta hit you with hot blog.

Here were are years later, and despite all the Bobster’s hip, dapper and handsome [plastic] surgery and all, he’s proven the How Do You Want It rap artist’s point: “You’re too old to understand the way the game’s told,” …sir-with all due respect.

Bob Dole


Although many of us thought former republican Kansas Senator Bob Dole was somewhere laid to rest or at bare minimum: resting; the former presidential hopeful (slash) American politician resurrected resurfaced to lend his support for Donald Trump sans President Obama making it official yesterday that he was in support and behind Hillary Clinton (against Donald Trump) for President—of the United States.

Known for quotes like “The Internet is a great way to get on the net,” the resurfacing ressurrected former senator wasn’t on the net back when he once criticized Donald Trump, but he obviously was when (on the net-yesterday) when Hillary Clinton shut Donald Trump down with the new age “talk to the hand” …by simply tweeting to Donald Trump: “Delete Your Account” after President Obama endorsed [quote] “crooked Hillary” [end quote]

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton


In true deceptive, dual-natured, lying a&& Gemini form: Donald Trump boldy questioned where Hillary’s 33,000 deleted emails were (but still has yet to locate a simple tax return to show the world-that all the world is still awaiting).

Well, if I were Hill, we’d both have to fall back on


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