A Rose That Grew From Concrete: Baby Found Buried In Crevice Under Asphalt On Side of Compton, California Riverbank Road Survives


The only way I can begin this story is to poetically put it like this: You tried to bury me but forgot I was a seed as: I am a rose that grew from concrete.

Baby buried aliveDespite how poetic and metaphoric it may sound (and nature-oxymoronic growing a rose from concrete may seem) the fact of the matter is, it literally happened—in the form a human being who, once all the details are investigated and uncovered, should definitely be named “Rose”—because any other name wouldn’t suit her or be as fatefully sweet.

Around 4 p.m. PST on Friday, a newborn baby girl was found wrapped in a blanket and buried beneath slabs of asphalt and rubble and placed in a crevice along a bike path near a riverbed in Compton, California near 136th and Slater Avenue.

After receiving calls from people reporting hearing a baby’s muffled cries, two deputies were dispatched out to the scene only to find a newborn baby girl laying in the hole and cold to the touch.

Paramedics arrived on the scene-all vitals fine-but she was rushed to a nearby hospital and listed in

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