All About The Colorado PLANNED PARENTHOOD Shooter + Read Actual Tweets Of Your Fellow TWITTER Followers/Friends Who Support Him


In a mere seven words, it’s like my mom would say when someone would dip wayyyyy too far into her, or another’s affairs that directly or indirectly had nothing to do with, or affected then in any way, shape, form or fashion whatsoever………………………………………………..other than an emotion they are in charge of controlling (but make half-cocked decisions not to):

“What I eat don’t make you fat.”

Robert Lewis Dear

Unfortunately, when domestic terrorist Robert Lewis Dear took it upon himself to be anything but [“dear”], and instead, hunt down like game and kill 3 people + injure 9 like they were [dear] doe, he didn’t care either way, though.

Having no idea what the victim’s stance was on abortion, Robert Lewis Dear (described as alienated and adrift, who-when his own files were dug up-has been arrested on everything from shooting his dog, threatening bodily harm on a neighbor, leering, domestic violence down to even “peeing Tom”) indiscriminately killed and injured people for merely being in, and near a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood women’s center facility yesterday but since, then has been apprehended.

Robert Lewis DearArrsted

What We Know About Robert Lewis Dear (Yahoo)

Robert Lewis Dear Adrift and Alienated (Washington Post)

Despite being detained, believe it or not, he is being held as a utilitarian hero of sorts who (according to some of the very same Twitter users you follow, or follow you) merely feel that

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