RIHANNA Reached Out to KARRUECHE ? When Your Exes Ex Reaches Out To You–What’s REALLY Going On?

Look, seriously. I’m all for olive branches and peace in any form I can get it.

*In my Tina Turner/AngelaBassett“What’s Love Got To Do With It” voice (however it’s spelled)* I put my index and finger and thumb on my forehead and chant


Yo. It’s seems as though our girl Rihanna RANG K’s NUMber, for a little pep talk and CURE for getting over the Chris Brown blues:329430-36dd4476-cb57-11e4-a028-65bfa3bc1db2

“Put on you highest strappy heels and hit the town.”

Now exactly when Rihanna was to have allegedly reached out to Karrueche and said this-within these past couple of weeks (since news broke out about Chris Brown having fathered a new baby) is beyond us, but the fact of the matter is: OK Magazine says she did.


“Kae was so suspicious and convinced she was calling to gloat, but in fact Rihanna was incredibly sweet and was key in encouraging her to put on her highest strappy heels and hit the town – something Kae’s done and it’s totally worked a treat.”

[end quote]

Hey. I’m all for that. Allll for the unity of girl power claps


But listen. It’s like this with me.

In my rabbit-minded days, I’ve been the side chick and I’ve been the main chick. Furthermore, I’m a woman-I know all game in the game of “women.”

Hey. I’m fair. But I’m sincere. I’m a sincerity glutton actually.

I toss out honesty and sincerity ‘cause I want that back.330347-f6cbc990-cb59-11e4-a028-65bfa3bc1db2

That being said, it’s like this with me (rules of sort, I should say—to preface my end point about Rihanna allegedly approaching Karrueche)…For lack of a better word, these “rules” are unspoken rules that ( when they happen) in my head, I have this side head tilt and nose squint that’s claaaaaaaaassic-I tell ya.

These “rules” come from the notion or question I have whenever somebody is bringing to me-something they want to convince me of, believe, or consider. I always need a sincere frame of reference I can refer to when something’s brought to me under the guise of sincerity.

Here are [2 of my] rules of frames of positive/sincere reference:

1) How can you show me why or how I’m a failure and not be able to show me how or where I excel/fly?

Nobody should be able to have a critique that affects you in any way, shape, form, or fashion unless they can too, show you your prowess or point you to where praise is due you. You should never

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