Riding High: Rise In Washington State Marijuana Impaired Driver Fatalities On The Rise + Driving Demonstrations Show Weed Smokers Can Be Just As Impaired As Drunk Drivers


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Driving on Marijuana

Trust me.
Given the fact that marijuana has been made legal in some states, I would be totally skeptical about this report. But because I watched a special many years ago about the seconds stalling/delay/reaction time of marijuana smokers (high) versus non-impaired drivers, I will lend some credit and a bit of a co sign to this next report.

In addition to showing how certain levels of THC amount legal limits equal to that of alcohol legal limits, it goes on to demonstrate the differences between non impaired drivers versus drivers high on marijuana.


As reported by our friends at the Today show, with a rise in traffic accidents as reported by AAA the (American Automobile Association) stating that in marijuana legalized Washington State; the amount of accidents fatal accidents doubled between 2013 and 2014-as recalled by Mary Gaston, whose 23 year-old son riding on his motorcycle was hit at an intersection by a driver high on marijuana-with certainly officials are out to make people aware of the dangers of riding high.


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