Recorded Tapes Emerge: BILL CLINTON Could’ve Had OSAMA BIN LADEN Killed in Less Than 24-Hours of 9/11


Talk about special sacrifices and the mentally sound ability to critically think-and think about what’s best for the greater good [rather than for one’s own selfish desires, bravado, martyr and maverick].

AP_CLINTON_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 2 New tapes have emerged from the lost files and ghost for America’s past where former President Bill Clinton is caught on tape—for a noble act [depending on how you look at it].

The recording emerged from 2001-a day before 9/11 where Bill Clinton was recorded (speaking to a group pf Australian business men) talking about Osama Bin Laden in which he expressed how he spent a lot of time thinking about Bin Laden (and how smart he was).

Clinton also noted that be that as it may, he wasn’t so smart that he couldn’t have gotten him and quite frankly [Bill Clinton asserted]: he could have killed Bin Laden-no problem–BUT there was a problem: It would have been casualties in that circumstance which involved 300 women and children.

Clinton said [and joked]: “I nearly got him. And I.I.I. could have killed him, but I would have had to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him….And so I didn’t do it.”


AP_CLINTON_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEFrom a basic, critical thinking standpoint, nothings better to have in your corner, your circle, your life, and especially: running your country, than a well-thinking critical thinker and human being with good, solid, sound [rather than an emotional] frame of mind [or draw].

Although (if true-that this was recorded one day before 9/11) it may (or may not have saved 2,977 American lives). But like he said; to have sacrificed 300 innocent women and children just to finish his agenda with, and to get one man is no better than what happened the very next day [because of one man’s agenda and vendetta with a country-our country].

For families that survived their loved ones 9/11 deaths; I can only imagine-listening to a recorded tape as such (despite how noble the inaction/decision to not act), Clinton’s noble act serves no comfort for their pain. But too, I hardly think [if true that this recording made one day before 9/11] the plans that had already been set in place for 9/11 would have been thwarted [over the killing of one man].

AP_CLINTON_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 5Regardless, however anybody feels about it—understanding the plight of Clinton’s noble sacrifice or siding with the plight of the “could’ve,” “should’ve” [and if he had killed the man] this never “would’ve [happened-on 9/11].

One fact still remains:

Whether or not this recording was made the day before 9/11, or even if he did act on what he “could’ve” done:

AP_CLINTON_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 3He (or we) we still had no idea what was going to happen the next day…or that it could have even been prevented [as a result of the head of one man and at the expense of 300 innocent women and children] regardless.

AP_Osama_Bin_Laden_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMENews reports are surfacing that Clinton’s 2001 recorded statement referred to a proposed strike [on Osama Bin Laden] after intelligence found he was staying at  the governor’s residence in Kandahar. According to reports, that missed opportunity to have gotten Bin Laden angered lower-level officials but later intelligence proved that Bin Laden had long left the governor’s quarters.

The commission wrote: “The principals’ wariness about ordering a strike appears to have been vindicated: Bin Laden left his room unexpectedly, and if a strike had been ordered he would not have been hit.”



AP_CLINTON_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 4Under the President Barack Obama’s regime, Bin Laden was eventually killed in a 2011 raid by U.S. Special Forces in Pakistan.


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