SHAD MOSS (f.k.a Bow Wow) & ANGELA SIMMONS Are Back Together Again……For Reality Show

Shad Moss Bow Wow and Angela SimmonsShad Moss Bow Wow and Angela Simmons 3Shad Moss (the rapper formerly known as Bow Wow) along with Angela Simmons, fashion mogul and Simmons heir [of the leader of the hip-hop legendary group Run DMC: Rev. Run] are back together again—for business.

Angela Simmons and Bow Wow Shad Moss OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEThe two are in talks for developing a new reality show that will focus on each of their real realities and current situations. Cameras will follow the lives of them both, separately, getting their lives that make their living:

Bow Wow Shad Moss OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEShad-the self-proclaimed “Mr. 106 and Park” (who spoke his position into existence I might add and who now, is a co-host of the show) will be showing the world and his fans various facets of his home/life/work duties as a 106 and Park co-host.Shad Moss Bow Wow and Angela Simmons 2

As well, cameras will document facets of his music career + his doting dad duties as a father to his young daughter, Shai.

Angela Simmons OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEMeanwhile, back over in Angela’s world, cameras will document the work/life/travels of Simmons for her fans and the world to get a peek into.

No word yet, as to when shooting starts or when the show will premier, but in a recent interview that Moss did with Sister 2 Sister magazine, he is quoted as saying: “I’m gonna leak it out there because, like I said, I’m a hustler: I’m gonna break the news that there’s a possibility me and Angela Simmons might have a reality show.”

Angela Simmons and Vanessa Simmons OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEFor Moss, the reality television realm of entertainment will be a first for him whereas Simmons has done reality show for an extensive amount of time-appearing in her family’s reality show Run’s House which lead to a spin-off (Daddy’s Girls); which documented the life and times of she and her older sister and fashion collaborator: Vanessa Simmons-Wayans.

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